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16th May - Daily News

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16/05/2016 15:07
I have just read the daily news.And well...idk what to say.Marc as MTV/PV CEO was the perfect decision that this company/business made and was needed.

Marc all I can say to you is you did a superb job on handling and managing MTV/PV and everything else included,you are indeed the best CEO this business/company has had you truly show compassion,interest and dedication to what you do.I really like your honesty and business transparent that you do.Not many business would even be this transparent,but doing so would make people love and trust you more and of course the business included.

To tell you guy's the truth even I have from time to time kinda lose hope on MTV/PV since i'm not seeing any progress being made etc in the past... but I still press on and continue with MTV/PV regardless of all those bad things that were happening and hoping as well that Marc and his team would fix everything again.And you know what they did and they are continuing to do so for us and them

Also I just wanted to add like 2 things as well that i'm concern about.

1.Is it normal for MTV/PV shares to be soo under value?ermm
The reason i'm asking this is because MTV and PV are worth much more than what those share price are showing us,but is there really nothing that can be done about it?

2.I just wanted to ask this.
Would Skrill ever be accepted or imported into MTV/PV as well or that is not possible at all?
(personal opinion I think Skrill should be possible now since MTV/PV has more new games etc which Skrill might accept?)
Traffic Value: $56,564.16117 Germany
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16/05/2016 16:15

No this is not normal. Everybody thinks about the company valuation different. I personally see the company's valuation at at least 15 million. That means the rp price would be at 0.03$

Why is it not even close to this? If we would bring dividends this wouldn't increase the company's valuation but people would buy. Why? Probably not because of the dividends but because of the belief that dividends will rise the rp price. It is the same if I would tell everyone that in two weeks from now the rp price would be 0.1$ guaranteed everyone would buy and the price would hit 0.1$.

this is a psychological negative belief that most here are living with. No one sees the price higher than where it is in the future so a lot of people trade and sell for a very low amount of money.

At some point the company is going to pay out dividends again and then the price is going to explode even though it could explode today already.
Traffic Value: $3,448.12527 Turkey
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16/05/2016 16:26
What if the excitement fades off after the explosion created by the dividends? Will it be permanent or temporary? A lot of people will probably start a selling wave after the price increases. And the price then may fall a lot again. What else will increase it back again? 
Traffic Value: $970.0477 United Kingdom
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16/05/2016 16:28
Its nice to have a great honest Admin
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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16/05/2016 16:31
Wow! What great news today. Once again, thanks Marc for taking control of this floundering ship and setting us on a steady course to the island of prosperity. I sure hope that Carlos' probation period for you is over and has accepted you as a full time team leader. You have earned the job if you ask me

Also, maybe you could ask Carlos to write a letter to members to let us know where he is at and what he thinks of the company and its direction. I think that would give big investors another boost of confidence to see the majority owner and what his feelings are.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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16/05/2016 16:37
@Dguy: Noone will take this job from me, i'll make sure of that wink
I live, love and breath MTV excaim
Traffic Value: $56,564.16117 Germany
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16/05/2016 17:26

Sure it will. You either trade in the market and try to sell it at the high and rebuy later or you just wait. I am in a position where I can't really trade the market with all my rp's so I am going long term.

I am not here for the quick buck but mostly to get a long term profit and that is why I am keeping a big stake. Imagine the growth we are going to have and understand that the exchanger is just a small part of a multi billion dollar business that stands in its steps.

This is one of the best opportunity's of your life and I did all to participate.

I have said it before and it is going to happen better get ready smile
Traffic Value: $3,448.12527 Turkey
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16/05/2016 17:53
Thank you. That just crossed my mind and wanted to ask about it out of curiosity to hear an opinion. I in fact didn't intend to make a criticism or a counter argument. I also wish to own at least million RPs asap. It is impressive that even a 0.001 movement affects dramatically the price of having a million RP. At 0.004 it is 4000$ for one million RP while at just 0.005 per RP it jumps to 5000$. So, it is best to take action as early as possible and take advantage of the cheap prices.      
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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16/05/2016 20:28
all verry good news. there is still a lot to do. the ship was sinking and its repaired now but it should start to move forward again.

I still think things should be done to get a more possitive vibe in the share market. something imo that could be done is that the company uses a part of the income to buy up shares so eventually there is much less demand. It could also help us in the future when the company is selling shares to create more liquidity to build products, or whenever dividents are coming back the company will earn more on those dividends.

Also Paidverts really needs to get a boost and that is also what the most people want. If the ad issues get bigger people are wanting to climb up the groups and start to buy more adpacks. 
I know we should get the bap debt under control as well and it seems like that one is moving pretty good the past weeks.

1 thing i never understood at this point, why is PV not selling a bit of shares to give PV a good boost to see if it generates a possitive vibe. Paidverts is not going to do a BAP swap so what does PV needs all those 24M rp's for. why not sell it to the MTV account to generate money for ad issues.
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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16/05/2016 20:40
Well Jordy, sorry, but I don't agree.

RP's will rise with the profit. Raising the rp-price artificially is short-term thinking. I think we have learned from that mistake.

And talking about Paidverts, it is the same. I agree with Marc's strategy to reduce BAP-debt as much as possible. Once that goes low enough, the profits for the users will rise.
Spending more money on Paidverts then is coming in is also short-term thinking. People's expectations will rise and PV/MTV won't be able to keep up.
Traffic Value: $114,601.66988 Spain
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16/05/2016 20:44
Honestly, I dont know what to think
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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17/05/2016 00:33
I do think that when there is enough liquidity, that PV should be doing the 50C per BA either through the FTQ and/or through the RP aka the actual thing that needs to be done (to some extent, less now that there is more non ROI ad pool funding) to be able to pay the ROI on BA purchases.

However, they should refrain from moving the RP price (maybe $0.0005) b/c of patience to buy only at one price.

He wants to give us bigger ad issues with Paidverts account or if Portfolio sccount buys more man hours/projects as can be afforded.

Nor an we just sell the RP b/c in a very shortwhile we'd be out of those RP and we wouldn't get much of a boost. Just look how the PV restart has gone for RL example of a little boost affects things.

Marc knows all this and hasn't changed nor has reason to change his mind on all this.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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17/05/2016 04:43
anyone else having problems with campaigns not starting? I've had ones that didn't start due to payment problems but this was in house cash and it has never happened to me before
Traffic Value: $27.88861 Algeria
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17/05/2016 05:14
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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17/05/2016 06:48

Not starting, hmm.

The bug I mentioned about not completing (main BA page shows 0/50 or whatever but the interaction log says hundreds/thousands, even days ago, still getting initial issue days later) and no banners being recorded and very few banner clicks for ALL 24hrs (both active campaigns and system stats backs me up)still exists.

I wonder if the advertisers noticed that they are still getting hits, so why bother buying more and that's why the 25%+ decrease in BA purchases.

Here is "Page 1" all but the last with hits mentioned are normal over delivery, that is fine it happens all the time. Actually the very first listed also did get it's 200 + overdelivery but showing 0/200, hmm. The last which appears to be just starting is actually been given 17890+, at least appears as even though the first issue, most of the time was days after, all the in circulation are being recycled at least 2 times, so maybe no more besides those few.

The first with no data aka 9:55 aka 17038 actually shows 5875+ and all of those left in circulation show a first issue days later, with some only one time.

In fact, 17039 shows 10,945+ with 1st issue days later including today.

We are now in the 183XX's and even 50 visit campaigns are taking hours (like 15hrs) to get completion.

BA-6016759 181 4 0/0 0/0 0/200
BA-6016842 181 1 18564/2240100 2025/2025 72/50
BA-6016899 181 1 14228/40100 25/25 142/50
BA-6017001 182 20 2966/42000 1430/2500 1807/1000
BA-6017033 182 32 3200/3200 800/800 344/1600
BA-6017038 182 1 0/0 0/0 0/50
BA-6017039 182 2 0/200 0/50 0/100
BA-6017041 182 1 0/100 0/25 0/50
BA-6017042 182 20 0/2000 0/500 0/1000
BA-6017044 182 1 0/40100 0/25 0/50
BA-6017045 182 2 0/200 0/50 0/100
BA-6017047 182 3 0/300 0/75 0/150
BA-6017048 182 2 0/200 0/50 0/100
BA-6017049 182 1 0/0 0/0 0/50
BA-6017052 182 1 0/100 0/25 0/50

Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, ... , 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, ... , 80, 81, 82
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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17/05/2016 06:56
So did the recent upgrades knock something else out of whack? I'll also state that I had no 'perks' on my campaign like forced visits. Only extra banner impressions.
Traffic Value: $60.51006 Thailand
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17/05/2016 08:45
i have bap more than 1600  why i don't recieve paid ads issue?
Traffic Value: $729.96203 Hungary
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17/05/2016 08:51
Change your filter to 0,0005.
Traffic Value: $9,334.85757 Spain
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17/05/2016 08:52
Yout filter is at 0.01$ and the ads sent to your group had $0.001 value. You need to lower your ad filter, at least to 0.001 and better if you lower it to 0.0005
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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17/05/2016 08:54
BAPs Gameplay Summaries

A nice start of the day.. smile
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