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14th July - News - Big changes!

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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
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14/07/2016 17:42
Todays fast tracks have been sent.

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A new business model

Hello everyone,
As we all know, MTV is an ever developing company to adjust itself best to the current circumstances.
We try, test and learn on the go.

Our current model will not work for the long term, both financially and from a legal standpoint.
The fast track queue was always meant as a temporary measure to get basic funding in order to get a portfolio which would propel us forwards and make us self sustainable (At least since the new management came, this has been the main goal).
Currently the results are slightly dropping and the fast track queue investments as well, but we still add 30% of debt on whatever gets invested.. This does not work if your portfolio does not explode!
It results in less people investing and slowly bringing your company to a halt.

In order to prevent this, we're changing the "My Traffic Value"-business model.

A lot is changing and it's very important you read this post well to understand what is exactly happening and perhaps more important.. How you can profit from this!

For the ones who do not want to spend ~10 minutes there's a summary at the bottom, you'll miss a few specifics but most of the information is there!

-We are removing the Fast Track Queue

Are we breaking our promises made in the past? No!
Will everyone who still has pending Fast Track Queue investments get paid? Yes!

We are removing the fast track queue for any new investments on July 21st.
The regular way of paying fast tracks will stop on the 20th, meaning there won't be daily fast tracks from the 19th of July and onwards.

All of the portfolio earnings will be aimed to pay the company's running costs from that point on.
Running costs being: Staff, bills, marketing to trigger growth, licensing and a buffer we will build over time to get through slower periods.
All of the money that's left at the end of the month (profits) will be divided the following: 80% will be paid to fast track queue investors until they're paid in full, 20% will be aimed towards dividends.
After we paid off the fast track queue we will play around a bit with the "left over cash/profits".. We'll be looking if it's worth it to boost Paidverts a bit, buy up RP's to keep the shareholders happy and we'll pay dividends.
Current forecasts are that those dividends will amount to quite a considerable sum, there will be more info to back up that statement in the rest of this news topic.

We know some of you might not be happy about the removal of the fast track queue, but..

-It can't be legalized, we really thought it would work with lowered percentages, but banks are simply too stubborn.
-We've paid all of the investors the interest we promised them, after paying everyone their interest we've officially covered our part of the deal.
-Not that many people were using it anymore
-We're offering you new methods to earn with us and we're working towards more methods for you to earn in the future, more about that further in this post.
-Removing it results in a far better system for a long term sustainable, growing company

-Paidverts will have a restart

Paidverts will get the long awaited and well deserved restart it needs.

This means a number of things:

-BAP will be converted to RP's at a rate of 200 BAP/RP

This time we're using a new system to do so.
We're giving you a choice.. And the reason why we're doing that is to make it a lot more friendly for Paidverts users who do not want to discover and find out what MTV is in order to get their money.
A 2nd reason is to prevent any multi accounts and banned users to get Rp's, this way the "paidverts"-account will hold more of them, earn more dividends and it saves our support a lot of time instead of having to manually get the RP's back from those accounts.

The options we'll be giving are:

1. Convert my BAP to Royalty Positions which represent a fluctuating value in My Traffic Value, offering me an option to sell them for more cash and to earn dividends over time

2. Take a lump sum of cash by instantly selling the Royalty Positions at current market rate. This will result in aproxxomately: (Will update once a minute and will be based on the last sales of the market)
Warning! Option 1 is most likely far better and will likely result in more money for you over time! Go here to find out about My Traffic Value:

3. I'd like to wait before making my decision
They will have up to 6 months to decide what they'd like to do, which they can do from within their "account"-section.

This will at first give users in MTV a little bit of extra RP's to buy i'd imagine.. But most bigger accounts are active and know about MTV and what decision is best from an investor's perspective.

All of the BAP you acquired before the 14th of July will be converted to RP's if they're still present in your account on the 21st

-Bulk ad pack costs will be reduced from $1.05 to $1/ad pack (The $0.05 difference gets reduced from the development funds)

Further down the road we will most likely either further decrease contributions to the development funds OR add a part of the monthly profits to increase the ad issues/improve the sustainability

-Bulk ad pack ROI will decrease from 155% to 120% for an improved sustainability

An ad pack identical to the one we have now will be introduced, the only things that will change are the costs (They're getting reduced from $1.05 to $1) and they will give you 2400 BAP per bulk ad pack.
However.. Every time you buy one or multiple bulk ad packs your account won't incur any bap tax fees for 14 days. (This applies to all ad packs bought on the 21st when we introduce the ad packs valued at $1, please keep this in mind so you won't feel "tricked")

This can result in a very strong growth in your account if you are a small member.
Buying 1 ad pack every 14 days saves you 1400 BAP which would be reduced from your bap total.
Which means that if you click the BAP packs you actively doubled the amount of free BAP you get per day for 2 weeks!

Now pay close attention to the following.. It's a great way for you to make a lot more profit from all this!

During the period of 14-20th July you can buy bulk ad packs for a 155% ROI, all of the BAP you get from bulk ad packs during that period won't be converted to RP's.
To make this crystal clear: All other methods of acquiring BAP until the 20th will result in your BAP being converted to RP's at a rate of 200 BAP/RP.

This is a great way to make a lot of money!
Paidverts has proven to be an extremely accurate debt remover, which we've spent a lot of time and cash on. Having such a great system with no debt at all means you can make a huge amount of money in multiple ways!

A few tips of very effective methods to earn money during this 7 day period:

You can and should do as many offerwall offers as possible and spend the money on bulk ad packs to be one of the very first in our clean system and with a possibility of earning up to 155% on your ad packs!

-Refer users
Tell absolutely everyone about this great opportunity!
A debt free paidverts is an extremely strong selling point and you can easily pocket 10% in referral income on most purchases and on bulk ad packs you can earn another 5% on all of the paid ads your referral views!

-Buy bulk ad packs

The ad issues will pay you a lot more than they do now and on top of that we'll be occasionally selling paidverts RP's to add to the ad issues and we're using the dividends the "paidverts"-account will receive as well!
And just to remind you once more.. During the 14th-20th you'll be buying ad packs that convert to 155%! Plenty of reason to grab as many as you can.

-BAP market fees will decrease from 15% to 5%

On the 21st the BAP market fees will drop from 15% to 5% (After we convert BAPs to RP's) this to improve market activity, at least temporarily.
We might later on change the fees back to how they were, but we'll give you a very clear notice if we decide to do so.

-Paidverts gets its own forum

Any day now we will remove the link from Paidverts to the MTV forum and replace it with their own unique forum.
For now it will be a basic one as we're working on a million things at once, but we will implement more and more features over time and grow the forum as we go.
We've decided to make this one just for Paidverts alone and not as a more generalized "online earners"-forum.

We know that we improve by practicing. So we're giving ourselves a possibility to practice a lot to make a great forum by using the Paidverts-forum as an "experiment".

-Paidverts will get a new design

In a few days we're changing the front page of paidverts, this will be the first change.

A change that will mean a lot to any user who knows us from the past. A new design can be a huge trigger for them to decide that Paidverts might have changed for the better.
The banners will also get a little change so they won't show 155% ROI any longer.

More, bigger changes will follow in the future, but for now we're sticking to small changes.


Allthough I briefly discussed it in the first paragraph I can now further emphasize why we believe this will greatly improve compared to the past.

By restarting Paidverts and having the portfolio results actively paying off bills there should be a nice surplus every now and then.
The first of every month we'll make a summary of our balances and see what profits there are to pay as fast track queue payments and dividends.
On the 1st of September we'll be giving you our first report.

Dividends earned by the "Portfolio"-account will be used to buy up Royalty Positions
Dividends earned by the "Paidverts"-account will either be used to boost ad issues or buy Royalty Positions when they're at a price we consider "cheap".

Especially at first the market should be fluctuating a lot.
The RP's will now earn dividends, the BAP price per RP should take a while to settle at a certain price range as well, RP's will be far more desired, the company will use its part of the dividends to buy RP's..

We will continue building products and share the profits with you in the form of dividends, meaning the only thing changing here is that we're making sure that we can cover our costs and profits will be shared through Royalty Positions instead of the Fast Track Queue.

-We're going to require new users to activate their email via the standard double opt-in procedure, to ensure we limit any attempts at multi accounting, and improve our overall business/sales in the long run with proper email updates

We are gonna do some serious work to get our email list cleaned and get the best possible reputation.
This will improve the speed at which we can send our updates and we will "weed out" the people who aren't interested in our company, which will save us costs

-My Traffic Value is getting a huge overhaul and is steering to full legality

We're making the current changes to get to the ultimate goal for now.. Full legality.
MTV will change enormously.. Andraz and I will be writing an entirely new MTV website and have the polish office build it from the ground up.
This is important for multiple reasons..

1. MTV's code is about 5 years old and has been worked on by over 50 different programmers
2. We're transforming into a far more professional business and we're removing all ponzi/hyip-elements
3. A totally new image

We're still aiming to build far bigger projects in the future and if we get approved by "the system" and the banks we'll be getting ourselves into:

1. Far bigger projects
2. The entrepreneurial platform, offering you more reliable options to invest and earn from
3. Bigger loans from banks/regular investors for about 110% ROI after a year/2 years

We're planning to go big.. We're now way better informed about what we can and cannot pursue and the exciting times are ahead!

We will continue to inform you on our forum as you're used to.

More info about all of this once we got more specifics.

Short summary of what is happening..

What will remain the same:

-News to inform you about our changes
-You will still be able to earn referral income by referring all of our businesses
-Paidverts continues to offer you great methods of earning additional income (Bulk ad packs, offerwalls, big referral incomes)
-We continue building products to generate profits which we share with you, just in a different way
-We're still aiming to become the biggest crowd funded project, aiming to help a lot of people improve their lifes

What will change:

-Dividends are being reintroduced and paid monthly on the 1st if there have been sufficient profits made during that month
-Bap market transfer fees will be (at least temporarily) reduced from 15% to 5% on the 21st
-Paidverts is being restarted and offers you a great shot at making good, sustainable income
-Bulk ad packs will be reduced from 155% to 120% (The bulk ads you buy between the 14th and 21st will be earning up to 155%, don't miss out on this great opportunity!!)
-MTV will get a big overhaul and is making the necessary steps for legalization (More news about this after the current changes are being made)
-All BAP acquired before the 14th in any way will be converted at 200 BAP/RP if it's still in your account on the 21st
-All bap acquired without a purchase before the 21st will be converted at 200 BAP/RP if it's still in your account on the 21st
-The Fast Track Queue will be closed down on the 21st (You can still invest in it until then!), all of the investments will be repaid with the 15-30% interest over time.
-The regular way of paying fast tracks will stop after the 20th, (The 20th will have the last regular fast track) thereafter fast tracks will be paid off using 80% of the profits at the first of every month, (This is after the running costs are covered)
starting September 1st
-We're going to require new users to activate their email via the standard double opt-in procedure, to ensure we limit any attempts at multi accounting, and improve our overall business/sales in the long run with proper email updates
-Paidverts' design will change a little
-Paidverts will get its own forum
-Bulk ad pack cost will be reduced from $1.05 to $1 on the 21st
-You will pay no BAP tax for a period of 14 days if you buy at least 1 bulk ad pack, starting on the 21st. You can renew the 14 day period by buying more bulk ad packs at a later date (This will be the new norm)
Traffic Value: $884.50363 Slovenia
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14/07/2016 17:45
Finally grin

BTW great news cool smile
Traffic Value: $3,530.2596 United Kingdom
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14/07/2016 17:49
I can leave F5 alone now tongue
Traffic Value: $22,303.8091 Netherlands
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14/07/2016 17:57
That IS big news ! It'll take a while for me to digest & I shall read the above a few times over. I can't be happier with the overal direction though, which is towards a legal platform where entrepreneurship flourishes.

Also it was just a matter of time until the debt model of MTV would be converted into a profit model. I'm not that surprised to be honest. Although I still think a 110% investment plan would be a good and feasible idea; we'll wait how things pan out over time.

So it seems that in the long run, when its my turn to be fast tracked for the last time, I'll be buying up RP's as well to get more dividends ! I'm happy my RP's really mean something again.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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14/07/2016 17:59
I forgot to add:

A good option to use your BAP right now for some instant returns is by using it to buy BAP banners.
BAP banners are a great option to advertise your business and if you have a good website to advertise, the returns might be far better than waiting for your RP's to get up to a $0.1 value.
Traffic Value: $1,850.32389 Romania
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14/07/2016 18:01
Maybe this is the restart we needed.Still 200 bap/share is a lot in my opinion.Shares have not yet reached one cent.
Traffic Value: $2,081.35489 India
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14/07/2016 18:03
I sold all my shares in MTV just few mins before the news was said. Sold it for $0.0048
Made a bid at 0.004
If it goes down, will enjoy the dividends from Sept 1, else will cashout all.
Traffic Value: $12,844.16424 Lithuania
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14/07/2016 18:04
very glad that I sold my BAPS yesterday for 80 price angel grin first good move in this year
Traffic Value: $22,303.8091 Netherlands
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14/07/2016 18:04

A daring move, best of luck to ya pall. BTW don't go ! smile
Traffic Value: $2,081.35489 India
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14/07/2016 18:08
I won't if it drops to atleast $0.004 and fills my bid.

I love MTV, but...

Let time and market decide the rest smile
Traffic Value: $884.50363 Slovenia
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14/07/2016 18:09

I sold out my BAPs to at aprox 73BAP/RP yesterday grin 
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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14/07/2016 18:12
Seems that the thrill at the announcement of dividends and the decision to buy RP at 70-75 BAP was a good one tongue
Traffic Value: $76.13933 Algeria
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14/07/2016 18:12
can anyone please give us  a simple explaining of whats going to happen ? what will happen to our RP's?!
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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14/07/2016 18:13
@Crisshiham, nothing happens to any RPs.
casio8978 - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $14,531.83197 Slovenia
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14/07/2016 18:13
nothing will happen to RP. you will recive dividends for your RP
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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14/07/2016 18:14
Paidverts was heading the right way. A lot of debt was reduced.
Things were heading better every day.

Now you make a choice for what you call a reset, but it is just another sw@p.

Very disappointing.
Traffic Value: $632.82371 Latvia
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14/07/2016 18:14
Can the BAP market transactions be reversed?
It feels like some users have insider info, BAP/RP went up like a rocket, before the news, and I thought it was a good trade...
Traffic Value: $2,697.0796 Denmark
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14/07/2016 18:14
Good thing that I decided I didn't have time for Paidverts and brought shares yesterday at 77 smile 
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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14/07/2016 18:14
The first ad issue will be on the 22nd, stock up before then!
Traffic Value: $8,965.30221 India
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14/07/2016 18:17
Is there any limit to how many bulk ads we can buy?
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