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02/05/2015 15:58

This is to discuss monitor

Webtransfer is a p2p social network lending platform that been operating for approx 10 months and 4.2 milliion members, its currently in beta and mostly promoted with in CIS countries.

They accept people from any country in the world, but the website is not in english, I strongly recommend to use Chrome for easy transelation, some words get wrong but is should not cause any probs.

This post is about making money not losing, so most of it is about lending out money not borrowing... but if u need money u can borrow up to 1000 usd, only neeed your account verified.

You can easly sign up with fb, twitter etc, verify your account with your phone number and get free 50$ to try out for 10 days, what u make u can keep. (do 10 days with 1.5% interest)

When u lending out money(investing) u have 3 ways to do it, automaticely, manually or buying credit cerficates. I mostly use auto, for 3-11 days.

U can lend out money for between 0.5-3% pr day, do not exspekt to get 3%. Follow the daily average interestes and keep your interest some points around the average, average interest is 1.30% so u can then try 1.5% if no lenders u will have to lower your interest. Supply/deman

The minimum to lend out is 50 usd and is also minimum withdrawal.

First the bad news webtransfer charge between 50-40% off your interest. The good thing is its used to cover any potetial loses, so if one of your lenders fail to rapy, webtransfer will repay it.

Another great thing is that you through webtransfers partners can borrow for 0.5% interest, and then lend it out for a higher interest. Maximum lending amoundt is 3000 usd. To do this u need a minimum 50 usd, lets say u have 100 usd, then u can borrow 300 at 0.5% and the borrow out 400 at 1.5%... So with 1000 usd you got 4000 usd in working capital and should make around 900 usd first month.

If you register through the monitor, I will be your partner and you can chat with me when u logged in. I will help u get the hang of it

Webtransfer Europe Ltd., registration number 06453803, London, UK.

The license for the provision of financial services number 569,645 on 17/01/2012.

Below are the critical company information.

Regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), in accordance with the Payment Service Regulations 2009

Unlike ALL other Hyips that hide under being incorperated, when they are not licenced to take depoits or investments,,, its like putting your money in a fake bank.... anyway webtransfer kick ass and so could you grin

Traffic Value: $11,013.37121 Czech Republic
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02/05/2015 16:09
How safe is it? what happens if loan is not being repaid?
Traffic Value: $3.496 Philippines
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02/05/2015 16:15

If anyone fail to repay the loan, webtransfer will repay pay you. The money to cover this is taken from the high fees that webtransfer have.

From all my investments this feels like more safe. In the beginning i thought it was a scam, because it was to good to be true. Been using it for 3 months it feels like its real, some days is slow some days are fast it feels like e real market with supply and demand.

The company also get some media coverage in russia
Traffic Value: $305.428 Russian Federation
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02/05/2015 16:15
Problem project, has a nasty reputation in Russia, has a red WOT rating. confused
Traffic Value: $3.496 Philippines
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02/05/2015 16:17
kozlodoev   do you have any links or is it just birds?

Also what to this nasty reputation say?? If you have information that could be important for people to know you should post is..... here is 2700 pages about webtransfer not much complainig
Traffic Value: $305.428 Russian Federation
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02/05/2015 16:25
You can see ratings and comments on the service WOT
You can also set the search query "webtransfer-finance reviews" and read some Russian forums.
I only provide information about the reputation of this site in my country, I'm not saying that this is a Scam or something like that, because Im not participate in it. confused
Traffic Value: $305.428 Russian Federation
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02/05/2015 16:30
Speaking of stream of good reviews in WOT - administration Webtransfer conducts periodic promotions something like "$5 for a good review". Although this is of little help, and even more harmful for the reputation. grin
Traffic Value: $3.496 Philippines
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02/05/2015 16:33
mywot??? they claiming they get the info from a 3 party without even saying what 3part..

Honestly i do not care what mywot think, as far as i know they are not even using the site, and the posts are  from non customers ... then i rather look places like here

Potentially illegal
Poor customer experience
Misleading claims or unethical
This site has been described as suspicious by other users. It may contain issues such as missing privacy policy or contact information, or it may not be easy to identify the entity behind the website.

lots of claims..... if mywot was claiming this like that about my company without evidence I would sue them...

One thing is for sure i would not base my judgment from mywot, anyway its also impossible for me to know as well if its scam or not.... but at least here i know where my profit is coming from according to them mtv is also a scam

Traffic Value: $112.52965 Ukraine
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03/05/2015 09:43
I'm on project since Oct. 2014, my deposit was 47$. My total pure profit (with 1 active referral) about 500-550$. Last cashout i made 4 days ago (160$). Project paying, but to be honest, i think it's a simple HYIP, and in a few months will go to scam.
Why i think so? Because all my loans was taking by users that have almost identical conditions of registration (users = bots). And i didn't found any user who took the loans, only those who gave... So...

Sorry 4 my bad english and mistakes.
Traffic Value: $3.496 Philippines
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03/05/2015 12:48
I kind of agree to what you say, thats what worring me to. I think it will last for much longer, the reason for that is peoples greed and the fact that webtransfer still have not taped into the english speaking market, I think it will be around atleast out 2015
Traffic Value: $65,453.30658 Sweden
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03/05/2015 14:31
do not trust mywot use your own eyes, check mytrafficvalue grin
Traffic Value: $1,827.4207 Moldova Republic of
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03/05/2015 15:21
Hi there, fellows!

Personally I'm working at WebTransfer since the 11-th of November, 2014. Actually it is one of the two online money-making programs I'm involved in right now (the second one is obviously Mytrafficvalue/Paidverts) smile
I myself have already withdrawn more than $690 out of Webtransfer (I can prove it via screenshots). The system is absolutely stable (its Guarantee Foundation provides this stability) and is just amazing for both those who want to borrow and lend some money. 
Everybody who is interested in this program can add me in Skype (iaroslavcik97). I'll enlighten you in every aspect of working at Webtransfer and, thus, prove you that it is the program which should be joined by you.

P.S. I share my earning strategy (up to 144% back of your initial investment in just 21 days!) with all my referrals, so if you are willing to multiply your money at Webtransfer while the shareprice here is pretty much stagnated - and then return at MTV with the pockets full of money and spend them buying thousands of shares or investing in Paidverts, then just pm me in Skype, become my referral and get my earning strategy wink
Traffic Value: $1,827.4207 Moldova Republic of
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03/05/2015 18:01
Bump wink
Traffic Value: $1,827.4207 Moldova Republic of
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14/05/2015 13:05
Hi there!
I've just cashed out $56.94 from Webtransfer: 

I've already withdrawn $745+ from Webtransfer and I earn almost 50% of pure profit every ~20 days.
Everyone interested in Webtransfer, feel free to add me in Skype (iaroslavcik97). I share my self-made earning strategy with all my referrals. Besides, I support and teach them. So, don't hesitate to multiply your money at Webtransfer and then return it to MTV in order to buy a lot of cheap shares here, at MTV and become one of the greatest shareholders! wink
Traffic Value: $3.496 Philippines
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19/05/2015 18:59
Webtransfer is awesome now doubt about it grin I am sure it will be around for a long time..


I am paying to get webtransfer  listed in the monitor I also started this thread, so that your hi- jacking my thread to get people to sign up under you instead under the monitor is kind off rude it also make it totally useless to pay to get programs listed in the monitor. Since your so smart and understand percent calculations, I am sure you understand this to. So kindly remove your contact details from this thread
Traffic Value: $5,636.43108 Russian Federation
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29/06/2015 16:17
Nice project! My friends earn about 1k-10k$ per month, many forex traders go on webtransfer! <3
Traffic Value: $2,545.40766 Turkey
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19/08/2015 09:31
?s this site still paying?
Traffic Value: $478.24733 Bulgaria
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23/08/2015 18:20
answear the man I am Interested too. Please guys give some info about the situation in webtrasfer
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