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Traffic Value: $1,368.66418 Spain
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04/01/2015 23:21
please can you give me a link with a complete tutorial of this page?? thanks a lot im veri interesting on this page but i dont know how works sad
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09/01/2015 01:04
I haven't seen that. Which page asked for it?

Where we feel pain (a problem)

We can gain (find a solution)

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10/02/2015 08:35
I still don't really understand how this monitor system works.

The creator of this topic bet $500 on "YES". So what did he win? Can we expect a good ROI?
I'm trying to make it out because it's seems interesting smile
Traffic Value: $310.09959 Poland
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10/02/2015 08:55
Obviously, he wins  nothing, just get his money back and some points in monitor voting game. People that vote the most wins prizes, mean people that are on the top in the vote gaming list.
Traffic Value: $2,148.94717 Philippines
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10/02/2015 09:02
@spit06, half of the bets of the losing votes will be awarded to the members who have winning votes and they get their money back of course. The division of winnings depend on the amount that the members bet. So a person who voted and put in $1 will get a bigger share than the member who voted the same but only put $0.001.
Traffic Value: $1,758.39114 United States
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08/03/2015 06:08
Passive-Earner just got a new design for their portfolio pages. Looks like a big improvement to that site.
Traffic Value: $30,993.31104 United States
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12/03/2015 13:07
Account is looking good, 

and the portfolio pages are rocking.

Traffic Value: $1,758.39114 United States
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12/03/2015 18:58
Payza is now accepted at $5/month and you can start earning from 5 levels of referrals! Start today!
Traffic Value: $23,170.7108 France
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10/05/2015 20:46
How can we buy share on passive earner ? When i'm on the share page i've got this message " Due to overwhelming demand the initial offering of shares has sold out.

The share market will open in early January. You will be able to buy and sell shares at that time. Thank you for all your support."
Someone can respond to me ? This program seems nice and i wanted to invest but its look like i can't...
Traffic Value: $30,993.31104 United States
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10/05/2015 21:38
Share market is coming soon.
PE is more for the marketing tools for the investors.
Traffic Value: $30,993.31104 United States
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13/05/2015 23:02
Finally created my own guide for Passive-earner. 
And I am getting better at creating tutorials.
Explains the portfolio and listings page
How to promote your listing on PE
How to handle a comment on your listing


Placing text and banner ads on PE

Referring people to passive-earner
Traffic Value: $30,993.31104 United States
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02/06/2015 10:10
Dear Passive Earners,

Have you noticed? The summer is finally here! It is not only the sun and party period, it is also a great time for changes!

So sit tight - this weeks news will be probably the most anticipated ones!

- To start with, our hosting bill this month has gone down to under $500 (For a comparison - it was over $600 last month). This was achieved by Brian's intensive work on the web server optimisation and our all patience. It is also very important to point out that the new changes went live literally a week ago. I believe we can firmly say that next months hosting bill will be even lower, unless members decide to do a massive advertising campaign grin Last weeks server analysis has shown that our page load has decreased even further, and the number of pages views went up to over 512,000. Excellent news, isn't it?

- Now the important stuff: You have probably wondered if there are going to be any dividends or if the accounting section will get up. Brian has notified me that it will be done by today, and one more thing - it is possible that some revenue went as unrecorded, so there might an increase in dividend payments.

- The sharemarket will be opened in a day or two after the accounting system is in place. Hubert has covered the most part of the integration, and Brian want's to add an unique alert system to the sharemarket for better user experience. The BitCoin as payment processor will be added before, to provide more liquidity options for the share market. And as promised earlier - you will be able to add funds directly to your balance. So the bottom line - this week it is! smile

- Speaking about business: We are indeed growing at a steady and strong pace. Over 200 new members join us on weekly basics in search of a new, risk-free earning opportunity and a community that can help. The past week we experience a rapid growth in number of pages views reaching almost 100,000 in a single day. The upgrade rate is increasing and you can see more and more members looking for help and guidance in online investment world. The sharemarket is going to change this around. We will be exposed to a new audience and will become a very attractive source of money making. Due to increased exposure to the whole project, I am sure we will see an increase in SurfCycler activities, forum participation and member engagement in general. Please remember that only upgraded members will be able to access trading, however free members will also be able to receive monthly dividends. For $5/month you can make way more on the share market being a day trader or using your portfolio and advertising your referral links.

The potential Passive-Earner platform has is beyond of what we can imagine right now. Remember how this project started and take a look at where are we now. The need for a proper monitor to guide and help is increasing. The need for an earning platform - our numbers prove it. The need for advertising tools that actually work - our hosting bills prove it. Remember that all of this could not have been done without your help, support, trust and patience! We hope to have proved the choice to join us was not a mistake and we will keep making sure that remains that way smile

There are few things that I want personally ask every single one of you. In order to keep the Passive-Earner growing - we really need more engagement from you guys. I'm not speaking about forum or skype chat - on daily basics there are at least 2 to 3 payments proceeded, yet you do not see that much payment proofs posted, neither success stories regards the advertising efficiency, etc. Why is that important? Because it proves it works! Because it proves you can make money here! Once the newcomers come, they check our community and here is the question - would you upgrade if you didn't see any payment proofs? Neither would I! Also remember that even if there is 1% of member upgrading just because he saw your payment proof, this also means your dividends will increase.

For newcomers - I would like to ask you to take a look at following sections to help you get around:

Passive-Earner FAQ Section ( - It really has some great stuff and everything is explained in the most detailed way possible.
- SurfCycler ( - Our side project that helps you to earn additional income and provides an opportunity to get massive, unlimited exposure to your links for as low as $5/month.
- SurfCycler FAQ Section ( - You obviously want to know how it works! Check it here!
Member dedicated website ( - Everything you need from the perspective of a fellow member like you.

Have a great week everyone and see you around!
Traffic Value: $30,993.31104 United States
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23/06/2015 02:25
Just got paid.

Traffic Value: $1,758.39114 United States
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23/06/2015 04:38
Now accepting Bitcoin through Instant confirmation.
Traffic Value: $13,343.67245 Lithuania
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28/06/2015 20:39
And Share Market Opens In 20 hours!w00t
Traffic Value: $1,758.39114 United States
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01/07/2015 00:08
Here are the stats for the opening day on the share market:

buyers: 38
sellers: 19
volume: 23,800
trades: 103
max price: 1.50
min price: .11
shareholders: 183
Traffic Value: $120.62272 Costa Rica
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08/07/2015 03:02
How can i buy shares? 
Traffic Value: $1,758.39114 United States
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08/07/2015 05:56
They aren't "shares" anymore. They are Royalty Positions.
For the month of July you can buy them as a free member.
Click the "Corporate" icon at the top of your back office.
Traffic Value: $30,993.31104 United States
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25/07/2015 04:19
Looking good.

And a share split soon.
Which is a good thing.
Traffic Value: $212.03082 Kazakhstan
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25/07/2015 09:32
passivetools, what is the split mean there? how will it go? 
in brief at least, if it s possible
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