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23/03/2015 19:54
GoalTycoon is an online football manager, in which you can convert the virtual currency to your benefit. It is a strategy game that relies on the management of a football team. The Manager will be the one that picks the best game strategy, choosing the players, the training strategies and also the financial strategy.
Every user from the GoalTycoon community will have a football team and a club park, which is made out of a stadium, hotel, restaurant, clinic, parking lot, administrative building and training field. The manager will also have a team of advisors that will help him develop his club, giving him information about the necessities of his club park.

Who make account with my referall link i will help him with game

monitor link

[Edited by mod team for reasons of: ref links not allowed.]

Very fun game and you can earn with fun grin

1 year and with no problem with payment tongue and they have second game 3 years with no problem ,you will see when register grin
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