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Traffic Value: $1,181,925.44366 United States
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24/11/2014 16:03
Now active on the monitor. They have FB page, T page, G page, YT channel, MMG thread, and TG thread.
Traffic Value: $30,993.31104 United States
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24/11/2014 17:02
Thanks for adding it quickly. 

It's been around since 2003. 

We're going to fill this monitor with epic quality money making programs. 
Traffic Value: $4,013.67386 Canada
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24/11/2014 17:17
easthits4u is more a traffic source then money earn for u. see it as a good te. traffic exchange.

used it for 5 + years u do earn small $ but don't expect alot money wise.
Traffic Value: $30,993.31104 United States
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24/11/2014 17:26
Some people will find it useful to earn by advertising. 
It is a solid business that has been paying for 11+ years.
Traffic Value: $4,013.67386 Canada
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24/11/2014 17:34
Very true of the Te's out there easyhits4u is one of the best if not the best TE.
Just the consept of Te barely works trafficwise accept for very good splashpages. sometimes.

Well u get traffic dont get me wrong just nothing from the traffic without good splashpages or whatever.

Do not use simple reflinks in programs like this. i done a test before using 1 million traffic exchange credits 100.000 from easyhits4u.
on 1 reflink got me 2 signups whohooo xD
Traffic Value: $2,709.58035 United States
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15/01/2015 00:08
The monitor listing for Easyhits4u has it labeled as A Great PTC.

It is not a PTC. Why would anyone label as such?
Traffic Value: $384.50396 United States
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15/01/2015 02:54
@ paidadvert

they have done that with donkey mails for years and they are a paid to read site not a paid to click site. I have been in easy hits 4 u now for over 5 years I love it for traffic but not as a money maker.
Traffic Value: $960.97608 United States
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15/01/2015 02:59
One of my alltime favorite Traffic Exchanges.
Traffic Value: $2,709.58035 United States
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15/01/2015 07:17
Yes, @MichaelKline, a great traffic exchange, one of the
best and the biggest in the world.

I guess it's a pet-peeve of mine, and I've seen it all through the
years, but misrepresentation of programs isn't good and it doesn't
look good for the one doing it either.
EasyHits4U is a good source of free traffic,  I just checked, and I could do
a cashout there right now.and although it is not intended
to be a moneymaker, It's much easier to reach cashout there
than at a PTC.
Traffic Value: $299.7196 Turkey
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15/01/2015 09:17
Thnx  @MichaelKline,

i love this site.  SUPER STABLE !  Always paying me. wink
Traffic Value: $1,731.04643 Sri Lanka
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15/01/2015 09:37
If someone can send me  ,sites which are reliable for making money on line based on your experience it will be appreciated. thanks in advance.

Traffic Value: $299.7196 Turkey
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15/01/2015 10:57
@ inmark2

Only surf.. of course by adding your sites , banners , texts..ect for traffic exchange.

1000 pages surf gives you 0.30$cash  , you can cashout min 3$ and gain visitors for your sites and get DR's also.Payments are in 5-7 days.

i gain everyday 0.30$plus  and invest here smile

its not hard , so easy..
Traffic Value: $14,349.14464 United States
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15/01/2015 18:12
Wouldn't it be great if there was a program like this with real earning potential? Hmmm... Maybe someone should make one. LOL

Traffic Value: $384.50396 United States
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15/01/2015 19:29
@ paidadvert if you like that one give top surfer a try I use it mostly for the traffic but the paid solo ads add up. Just got paid yesterday $10 and change and expect another $10 in 2 weeks. Of course the good thing is that I had tons of emails in my email from years ago that are still good. They never run out. Lucky me. grin  

I may have enough in easy hits 4 u. I haven't checked it lately. I just use it for traffic. I never think to look at the earnings there.
Traffic Value: $496.56049 United States
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17/01/2015 00:59

RE: Donkeymails, No-minimum, are both paid to read and paid to click. On average, I get 10 emails a day at both--but if you check the paid to click and point to click banners, there are usually anywhere from 80-150 per day on Donkey, and 60-90 on no-minimum.

In my book, that makes them far more PTC than PTR wink. Given that they are also PTP and have manual traffic exchanges as well, the most accurate acronym would be the good old school GPT, come to think of it...

And Easy hits 4 U, TE/ PTS.

BTW, do we have threads for Traffic G, Hit Bandit and New Way Surf yet?  Traffic G has been around as long as Easy hits, and it pays as well. I've always found the traffic from there high value.

Hit bandit offers traffic exchange, PTR, PTC and you can buy and sell credits in the marketplace--been around quite a while, and it also pays.

New way is relatively new, but it pays, has high quality traffic, and multiple upgrades--you can get up to 100 credits per view if you take the top super surfer upgrade. This dynamic surf thing they have going on has proven to be very useful.

Those are MY top ones, other than Easy Hits wink

We should probably organize this area into broad subcategories at some point, so people can find the information being collected...
Traffic Value: $384.50396 United States
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17/01/2015 21:44
@ chrystalia

I fully agree you should just have one thread for just traffic exchanges that pay and another one for Paid to click sites.

I know I have been doing the traffic exchanges for years I think TS I have been doing now for 8+ years. I have made a few hundred there over the years, and I still have close to a million hit credits.

A little bit newer site would be LTN you make 4 cents a day just visiting the 4 daily visit sites. Then I always surf my 27 sites a day. I love it though for traffic, and have gotten referrals through there for other things. 

There are tons of traffic sites that pay us for surfing however it depends on how much surfing you want to do and how long you are willing to wait to reach that payout. LTN I joined under a friend. Had I of known the payout was at $10 I never would have joined it. However I made that up by getting 3 referrals in a paid to click. So it works for me. A couple more months of being there and I will have my payout, and my referrals. The worst part is she told me last week she quit LTN because it was taking to long to reach the payout lol. Looks like I am going to get the pay day instead of her for once.angel
Traffic Value: $3,330.3665 Spain
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27/10/2015 09:18
anyone knows how to work the " My Links in the Links Directory "
and because my blog does not accept this html code?
Traffic Value: $2,364.77663 United States
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06/03/2017 02:25
I have been using this site for a little while now and i like it so far. Its a great way to get traffic and referrals. I like the milestone bonus feature as well as the weekly bonus. The last two days i reached my 1,000 click goal and got a .30 bonus each day. i plan on putting that money on here for shares!!!!
Traffic Value: $30,993.31104 United States
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06/03/2017 16:51
1000 clicks gives you 0.30 ? 

so far it has been super passive for me. 
Traffic Value: $30,993.31104 United States
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03/07/2018 14:43
Reminder there is a 5 level ref commission here. 
BUT you have to surf 50 sites a month.

it can be all in one day or just 2 sites a day for 25 days.

This little rule has a huge impact, know this little rule and set a monthly reminder!
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