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29/06/2017 08:36

This is my first monitor topic so excuse me if its a little "amateur" smile

Monitor link:

Start for as little as $20 USD and leverage it to receive over $30,000 USD EVERY MONTH!

3 Powerful & Proven Built-In Bitcoin Income Streams In 1 SYSTEM!
Maximize Your Earnings & Results By ONLY Inviting 2 People!

Join a Community of Like-Minded, Positive People Focussed on Helping YOU WIN!

You can start in prosperity tree (10$)

You can then Invite 2 people to do the same en receive donations from them.

Screenshot of level1:

There are 5 levels (I am in 3) of the prosperity tree

Then you have the freedom tree wich is 100$ to start and you must be minimum level 3 of prosperity tree to join it. The freedom tree is a WIN-WIN. you Always get your money back from it.

When you sign up, there are lots of video tutorials on the website, also you get invited to join a private FB group of the company.

There are many proofs on there.

You can get all the info on the company site when you sign up and on the FB-group!

Monitor link:

Greetz grin
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29/06/2017 12:18
Great job on setting up your first monitor post. grin Good luck with it. Hope it make you lots and lots of money.
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29/06/2017 12:55
what is the link?
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29/06/2017 13:14
The link is to the post on the monitor from there you can click to go to the site.
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29/06/2017 21:04

The link is in my second post could not edit the first one
DomingoX6 - Administrator
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29/06/2017 21:43

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30/06/2017 07:57
payment proof

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03/07/2017 16:16
[ltr]First off, Happy 4th of July weekend for those of you in the U.S. getting ready to celebrate your independence and freedom![/ltr]
[ltr]Second, I apologize for being a bit more "silent" this past week than normal, however I just got back from a week 1/2 long vacation with my family a few days ago.  It was our first summer vacation as a family EVER so it was pretty special and I thank every single one of you for helping me give that experience to my family. Super grateful![/ltr]
[ltr]A HUGE shout out and thank you to my team for keeping things moving and running smoothly while I was "out".[/ltr]
[ltr]It's now been 60 days that 1OB has been in existence and blessing the lives of THOUSANDS of people world wide![/ltr]
[ltr]We now have just under 30,000 members and have helped put over 201 BTC back into the lives and wallets of our members! That is INCREDIBLE and it's only going to get better![/ltr]
[ltr]We here at corporate are now ready to HIT IT HARD here in July to accomplish our goals and to help as many of you as possible create FREEDOM in your own lives, so here are a few really cool and exciting things that are now in place in your 1OB members center and a few things that you should be on the look out for in the days and weeks to come.[/ltr]
[ltr]New additions/enhancements to the platform in the last 2 weeks:[/ltr]

  • You can now fund your wallet with PayPal through the internal exchange program. Simply click "My Wallet", then "Fund", then enter the amount you want to fund in US dollars.  From there, click "Add to Cart" and then "Fund My Wallet With PayPal".  Just follow the simple instructions given to you there and BOOM, within 1-2 hours or less you will have the bitcoins in your 1OB wallet!

  • The FREEDOM TREE is now 100% open on ALL phases! Yes! You can now join ALL phases of the Freedom tree that your budget allows.  If you need a little "refresher" on how the Freedom Tree works, simply goto "Giving Trees", then "Freedom Tree" and click the "Watch The Freedom Video" button there on that page.

  • You can now purchase MULTIPLE POSITIONS IN THE PROSPERITY TREE without having to have multiple accounts! This is NOT required but highly encouraged to help you and your team MAXIMIZE THE NEW PROSPERITY TREE compensation plan!  To do so, simply goto "Giving Tress" then "Prosperity Tree" and then click on "Add New Phase 1 Position".


[ltr]Learn More About This Here in Our FB Group[/ltr]

We are planning on allowing you to purchase a $100 share in our marketing and traffic co-op by TOMORROW so make sure you read that post and watch for more updates as to when you can start locking in your shares for the co-op!  FUND YOUR WALLET AT LEAST $100 PER SHARE YOU WANT TO PURCHASE because ALL SHARES will be purchased FROM your 1OB wallet ONLY!  And YES, you will be able to also use the paypal option as long as we have resellers online and available (which we do).
[ltr]What used to be called our Bitcoin Millions Tree has been appropriately renamed to the LEGACY Tree and when you see the numbers and the compensation plan, you will 100% understand why it has been named this.[/ltr]
[ltr]Be on the look out in the FB group, your email and your back office for more updates and announcements concerning the Legacy Tree but as of right now we are planning to GO LIVE with the Legacy Tree by MONDAY July 10th![/ltr]
[ltr]Our Legacy tree is for serious people looking to receive SERIOUS donations and to truly create a LEGACY here with 1OB!  You will need roughly 1.2 BTC ($3,000 USD) to start leveraging this tree but if you don't have that right now, keep doing what you're doing and you can leverage your donations received from our other giving trees to make your way into the Legacy Tree when you're ready! BUT for those of you who want to get going RIGHT AWAY, generating over $600,000 worth of bitcoins in this tree PLUS 4 levels of coaching bonuses AND a HUGE team building bonus of $9,000 - $45,000 each time you get 2 who get 2 on your tree, then get your bitcoins ready and be on the look out for more details on this truly GAME CHANGING "Giving Tree" within the 1OB platform![/ltr]
[ltr]Also, just as a heads up, as long as you're an ACTIVE member of 1OB (paying your $10/month platform fee) you can receive COACHING BONUSES from those joining this new tree and you don't even have to be in the tree! In this way, you can leverage your earnings to get to a place where you CAN participate in this GAME CHANGING opportunity.[/ltr]
[ltr]One other really exciting, valuable and powerful thing we are working on right now is our new 1OB "Help Center" where we will be consistently posting NEW content and trainings on how to help you EXPLODE your teams and "stack those bitties" with us! So be on the look out for more information on that as well.[/ltr]
[ltr]LASTLY, we are in the process of creating a NEW powerful "sales video" for you to leverage to absolutely EXPLODE your teams and WE NEED YOUR VOICE!!!! If you want to share your voice of hope with the MILLIONS of people who will be exposed to the 1OB platform in the next 90 days, then please send your VIDEO TESTIMONIAL to us through our FB group! Simply post the video for everyone to see and if it's good enough, we will feature it in our sales video!  By "good enough" I mean, short, sweet, to the point, HONEST & VALUABLE!  I'm looking for at least 10 REALLY GOOD video testimonials so PLEASE GET THEM POSTED BEFORE JULY 7TH as I am set to start shooting the video next week![/ltr]
[ltr]I and my team appreciate all of you and are incredibly excited to continue to co-create massive change in your lives as well as the lives of those whom you will reach with the 1OB message and vision of HOPE, FREEDOM & ABUNDANCE![/ltr]
Traffic Value: $2,427.3754 Belgium
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04/07/2017 13:03
Before we all begin our 4th of July celebrations (for those who are celebrating) I wanted to let you know that our marketing c-op is NOW OPEN which means you can now purchase a share in the co-op right from your back office using your 1OB wallet!
This is a VERY POWERFUL & AUTOMATED way of building your 1OB team and we cannot encourage you enough to participate in this!
All of the details can be found inside your back office as far as how it works etc.
Each share is $100 worth of bitcoins and only 1,000 shares will be sold!
Don't miss out, lock-in your share(s) BEFORE Friday July 7th @ 11:59 PM (Eastern Time) because at that time, the co-op will be CLOSED and NO MORE SHARES will be sold!
We will begin our marketing and driving traffic starting THIS WEEKEND!
To YOUR Financial Freedom
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05/07/2017 08:49
To Celebrate Independence Day, We are offering Lifetime Access to 1OnlineBusiness Platform for just $147.00...Eliminate those monthly fees and take advantage of this Limited Time Special! You Have Until Midnight EST on July 7th, to take advantage of this offer! ACT NOW BEFORE IT IS GONE FOREVER!
Traffic Value: $2,427.3754 Belgium
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09/07/2017 19:13
We have officially been on this journey together now for just over 60 days and we now have over 30,000 members with NEARLY $600,000 in bitcoins being received by our members worldwide!
Great job family!
But the truth is, we really haven't even gotten started. We've just been in "testing" mode, working to figure out what works, what doesn't, who's in and who's out.
Have you decided where you fit yet?  Are you in?
Here's a few important updates:

  • Our Independence Day special offer of $147 for LIFE TIME ACCESS to the platform (never have to pay your platform fee ever again) expires TONIGHT at 11:59 PM (Eastern)!  After midnight, the lifetime offer will remain available for as long as we decide to keep it alive but it will be $197 instead of $147! So if you want to save $50 on your LIFETIME access, make sure you lock-in your savings BEFORE 11:59 PM tonight!

  • Our first co-op has been a HUGE success giving us an AWESOME marketing budget of just over $10,000 for traffic! We are now taking orders for positions in our NEXT campaign which will begin this Saturday July 15th.  Login to your members area and follow instructions, it's really simple to get a spot in our rotator! smile

  • Our NEW LEGACY TREE is set to launch early this week as soon as we put the finishing touches on everything! I'll be releasing a video sometime tomorrow which will go over all of the details of the new LEGACY tree and WHY you want to jump in right away (if you're able) or at least work your way into that tree and NOT miss out on the MASSIVE donations to be received there!  You've never seen anything like this because nothing like it exists!

  • Our new marketing funnels will be released this week as well as our new sign up page so be on the lookout for both of those!

Things are really getting exciting here family so let me ask you again, are you in?  I sure hope so because those who are TRULY "IN" and FOCUSSED with us here, are setup to WIN BIG.
I appreciate all of you!
Here's another fantastic week of co-creating massive hope, freedom & abundance for ALL of you!
Traffic Value: $2,427.3754 Belgium
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20/07/2017 06:42
Over $500,000 in Donations Were Received By Our Members All Over the World in Our First 30 Days!
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07/08/2017 08:40
Hey fam! My apologies for the delay getting the update to ya I am still finalizing some important details and relationships but I promise you it's worth the wait! I'll have it out to everyone by Tuesday evening at the latest! Incredibly exciting stuff coming your way! Here's just a sneak peak:
- Simplifying the comp plan while adding waaaaay more money to it!
- automating the entire funding by PayPal process (done and live btw) this is completely game changing! 
- legitimizing the entire business and business model by adding products and real value into every purchase. 
- done for you postcard campaigns 
- more done for you traffic and click campaigns with full tracking. 
- automatic upgrades 
- compensating you on the front end platform fee to allow you to make more money upfront! 
- Weekly LIVE support webinars!
- Weekly LIVE opportunity webinars!
- Weekly LIVE getting started/ new member orientation webinars 
- NEW capture pages and capture page video coming
- NEW monthly funnels released (for PLS members)
- NEW high quality capture page and marketing videos 
- a new opportunity vault income stream that will allow you to be part of an awesome and reliable mining pool!

Just hang're not going to want to miss any of this so get ready!!!
Traffic Value: $2,427.3754 Belgium
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28/08/2017 16:02
[ltr]We have MANY incredibly exciting, powerful, lucrative and absolutely GAME CHANGING updates & announcements for you.[/ltr]
[ltr]Please take an hour out of your day immediately and watch this update video that I created for you so that you are fully aware of all that is happening and getting ready to happen here with your 1 Online Business.[/ltr]

[ltr]If you would like access to the actual presentation this video was created from, the PDF version is attached which you can find at the bottom of this message.[/ltr]
[ltr]All of your questions as far as what you get for what you've already paid, which phase you will be in etc will be answered this week before we roll out the new Prosperity plan mentioned in the video, but feel free to reply to this message if you have additional questions or just wait for more updates, we are happy to guide you through this transition.[/ltr]
[ltr]Lastly, here is our NEW capture page video! Pretty amazing right?! It will go live on the capture page by tomorrow Monday August 28th. [/ltr]

[ltr]We are truly excited and grateful to continue this journey with you all and absolutely cannot WAIT to see your life changed as you move forward powerfully with us.[/ltr]
[ltr]With much love, gratitude & excitement,[/ltr]
[ltr]Jeff Long
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