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some question

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22/10/2019 13:47
if our nationality changes then we have to re verify account? what if account holder die? 3 = if really RP will become share then can rp holder own rp as his/her company name
orlan12fish - Administrator
Traffic Value: $5,500.61933 Guatemala
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22/10/2019 17:33

1) If your nationalty changes, it's not necessary to re verify your identity except that you get a new ID. If your ID changes, then yes (but that is if you don't have access to the ID you submitted here)

2) If the account holder dies, a relative with the ID of the account holder would have to sign in to the account

3) Not sure
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22/10/2019 18:53
2. So, as long as I have a valid (not expired) driver's license, that is enough for my next of kin/beneficiary to use the contact form and be able to cashout my money?

Or, do I need to make sure that they have access to a device that has been 2FA and that they also have my username/password?

2B. While I don't have anyone that would want to click ads (so they'd sell the BAP for RP), I do think they'd be willing to hope that the value of RP's grow. Can they change the authentication to their device (so they can get rid of my devices) and then later (after the driver's lic has expired, maybe even decades), then access and cashout the RP?

Do death certificates come with every death that is reported and take to an official grave/cremation? Would that be what is needed to allow my next of kin/beneficiary access in the distant future?
orlan12fish - Administrator
Traffic Value: $5,500.61933 Guatemala
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23/10/2019 18:26

We don't have any politics on that regard to be honest so I can't really answer to your inquiries precisely. But since the question came up, that would be a path to take as long as the validation process meets all criteria. 

If somebody has access to your credentials, email and/or your ID which was used to verify your account here (or payment transactions), that person would be able to change passwords, reset the 2FA and even cashout the money. 
Traffic Value: $154.3544 India
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24/10/2019 17:16
        can anybody please clarify how much time it takes to mature the FTQ investment, also i need to know what Modest and Zero growth estimation mean ...
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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25/10/2019 06:17
Don't worry about what modest etc means.

No one can tell you when even the very first in the queue will be paid.

Paying off the FTQ is a priority, but only with profits aka money after expenses that we have leftover.

It could still be years before it's cleared. The one good thing is that once we start to clear it, we will probably be at a point where we are growing and can sustain that amount of payment each month.
Traffic Value: $1,717.11961 India
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27/10/2019 12:27
i asked these 3 question for following reason

1) soon my nationality will change, will get new passport

2) i suffer from cerebral palsy

3) i have 1 LLC, so i wanted to own future shares on my llc name
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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27/10/2019 15:13
Its make issue in Survey Load as VPN


Ticket #MWYIP: Profile Country Changed Request

Profile Country Changed Request  



  [img=25x25][/img]   Jeff

  Sun, 10/27/19 12:37 pm


We can't change your country, but don't worry, that won't affect your account in any way smile



  Selva Athithan

  Sat, 10/26/19 12:41 pm

  Username: todaywork
Category Other Account specific issues
Message: My account registered through MTV as early bird, that time my account profile country mentioned as UK, But actually am INDIAN and living India. So change my profile country as INDIA.


Traffic Value: $225.32147 Pakistan
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03/11/2019 10:32
hi i need some help anyone online my no 923314069089 whatsapp
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