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PaidVerts rework - Congratulations!

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Traffic Value: $437.32954 Portugal
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19/11/2017 22:15
I'm creating this topic to give you my formal congratulations for the amazing work you've done with the brand new PaidVerts web site. It is an excellent and extremely professional work and even surpassed my expectations, which are never low. I can't wait to see how the ad view process is by tomorrow when we get some ads, which seems to be the only thing I couldn't see just yet, but I'm sure it is of equivalent excellency.

Your job with the achievements is really clever. I must confess I was not expecting it to make such a difference, but now that I've seen it I find it a cleverly implemented game changer. I'm sure people will now play games a lot more to complete achievements. Even PaidVerts itself seems like an evolving game now.

The responsive design is also a game changer, specially for mobile users, and it looks modern, professional, it's clutter free and beautiful.

The tour for new users is indeed an awesome new addition. PaidVerts is a feature rich product (now even more) and this beginner tour introduces the basics of PaidVerts for newcomers. Referring people should be easier now.

Well, after this, PaidVerts is too good to be called a PTC. It deserves to be included on a nicer category. Once more, congratulations! You deserve it. I'm pretty sure most of the users have the same opinion (don't you?). smile

Now, lets just enjoy our weekend and get ready for a new brighter PV future that is awaiting us on the coming times. grin
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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19/11/2017 22:56
That is quite the compliment.. The team appreciates it! wink
Traffic Value: $730.87837 Russian Federation
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19/11/2017 23:21
can some1 say me wat is mean active PV membership, wat need for reward 64 BAP?
Traffic Value: $62,710.15909 United States
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20/11/2017 00:03
The BAP Reward works fine:

Your current BAP reward is: +74 BAP Click below to claim it now!

74BAP has been added to your balance!
Traffic Value: $174.1098 United States
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20/11/2017 01:02
@BestEU to get that bonus you must buy a PV membership. Here is the link to the page
Traffic Value: $316.45405 Germany
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20/11/2017 18:32
Can anyone say, if it is worth upgrading?
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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20/11/2017 19:48
Math wise, only if you advertise on the PV forum via a Program post that hasn't a topic already (lifetime claim on a website, even if PV isn't like MTV Monitor could easily be worth it short or long term) and/or use the PIF a lot (3% adds up quick).

When you add 3 Micro Ad Packs, free Click Grid, and now extra BAP per day, you are still a couple dollars short of the monthly cost, even with full year discount.

The $2 recycle upgrade won't get you more recycle ads, so that is far less than tax saved.
If you want to buy banners, buy them in bigger packages.

That said, are there different lvls (it says lvl 1) for the new BAP reward, and if so what are their gains in BAP?

After posting all that, if lvl2-4 add up to something significant, then I could see it being worth it, aka a profitable venture (probably if you do your 3 MAP's and 20 AG as well)

OFC, the BAP market is always better than Ad Rate, and variable, so more math will be involved b/c BAP is cheaper form of incentive for the site than cash. AKA, you can get more BAP than straight up Bulk Ads, and thus you need something more than 10K BAP all told saved/earned.
Traffic Value: $316.45405 Germany
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20/11/2017 22:07
Well, I always love to read your posts, very detailed and with a lot of thoughts!

There is a PV Forum? Since when do we have a PV Forum?
Well yeah, I don´t do my 20 CG´s every day.

Offered my new Refs Free BAP for easy tasks, but none replied so not much PIFing there.

Need to find out about PV Forum, but that doesn´t look very active so I think It isn´t wort it right now.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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20/11/2017 22:20
Thank you for the compliment. Always a balancing act btwn detailed enough and "TL;DR".

PV forum been around for just over a year, Aug 2016.
For those that don't know:
The link, to the link, is currently 2nd bar of links from top, far right of the left links (aka near the middle).

I don't go to it b/c there is/was a login bug that made you have to log out of PV just to login to the forum (the cookie or whatever didn't work right). If they fix that, I'm sure that it will be a more active as ppl know it is easy to login.

To verify the Month/Year, I went to the forum and the 1st post of introduce yourself, and I see that it looks like I'm logged in already. So, looks like it may be fixed.

Sure HYIP's etc programs that only last a couple months, you are better of using MTV Monitor, at least for the time being.
However, for long term sites, like EH4U/CS/NB etc, think of it as a long term investment. It will reap rewards to be the only advertiser for the site.
Traffic Value: $316.45405 Germany
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20/11/2017 23:12
yeah I think about it, not much of a big investment for this privilege. But they really should make this Forum more visible, I needed to google it to find it. 

Even with your explanation I couldn´t find it, should be way more visible.
Traffic Value: $1,210.28282 Romania
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29/12/2017 17:23
Hey guys.Wanted to let you know it think many times i am not getting a ref ad issue.I am in top 100% and it says there i should get like a 0.02$ ad.But many times,i did not get it i think.I did not monitor very closely because it's not a big deal to me,but maybe something is not working properly?Anyone else experience this?
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