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Open positions for Forum moderators

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Traffic Value: $4,497.02754 India
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17/06/2015 14:14
Hello Guys/gals,

Well i would like to apply for the forum moderators post. I am from India. Have been here since last year Nov 2014. I have not been active in the forums since my registration, but have always been here looking around, learning about this business reading stuff more and more stuff and promoting this great business model in INDIA. made good progress in this aspect until in Feb issues started to crop up. 
Anyway i feel that NOW is the time that i should help MTV in the way i can with the best of my abilities,  which has given all of us hope of income without much of a hassle for a general user.

Personally i have made my ROI and even have 54k+ shares so thats a bonus which will pay me rich dividend i am sure of it.

Personal info:- 
I am 25 years old. Engineer in electronics and telecommunication field. Currenlty (doing CCNA, CCNP, CCIE in security) so learning a lot too. Plus as i am not working currently so have much time on my hands.

I really like to help people and that is fact of my real life as well as virtual, and i think that is one quality every mod should have otherwise it will eventually become taxing for them.

So this is it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. I am more than willing to help out here.

Thanks again for this opportunity and Congrats Marc again for becoming our CEO grin

FYI:- i am going through the MTV Forum Moderating rules, i think i understand it may have a couple of questions though.
Traffic Value: $588.14759 United States
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21/06/2015 03:38
I'm pretty sure this topic should be closed if mods have already been chosen. Though, I keep hearing that some mods aren't active and one even lost mod status because of abuse.

I'm in MTV for the long haul so I wouldn't mind taking his place tongue
Traffic Value: $62.7518 Venezuela
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04/07/2015 04:19
I'm interested!! I'm 20 years old, working hard to get a great profit and very active in the forum.. I'm from Venezuela, spanish is my mother language but also speak english, I've been in the US and Canada. Already read the MTV Forum Moderting rules. 
Traffic Value: $1,274.48527 Romania
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30/07/2015 14:14
I am interested.Have limited time.I dont need unlimited shares just a ban ability.PRomise to purge this forum from all these useless posts from people who dont read the faq and are offensive to others.Support me and we will have the forum we all deserve.
Traffic Value: $91.05573 Peru
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30/07/2015 19:36
I'm Interested
Traffic Value: $170.72939 Spain
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21/08/2015 09:21
Hi grin! I'm interested in being a mod of this great system! I love Paidverts and MyTrafficValue. Thanks for all grin

Traffic Value: $104.0777 Russian Federation
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22/08/2015 08:43
im interested too. im russian and im work with PV for more then half year so u can count on me
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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03/09/2015 11:58

You are saying that I abused rules of site? Oh no haha, truth is far from that. I gave them ultimatum 2 times, one time they said just relax we will solve that, other time they accepted to remove my mod, not just because they were bored with me, it was because I did not want to tolerate insults which they did. Truth was next: 

"System could ban on forum anyone for any bad word of any stuff member"

"Stuff has not cared at all about moderators and insults which they listened every single day, members which we punished and trolling which we deleted was often returned on forum so that people read how SOME people insult us"

So if you think that you would be happy on such place and in such contitions good for you. I am not fool to tolerate insults which even admin defended. I have enough that people talk lies about me and how I abused rules, because that is lie.

Want to see truth: Here it is truth, I refused to be moderator anymore. So please stop with ABUSES. I know what I removed and those people deserved it, if you do not blieve ask them to show those logs! THANK YOU!

My last support ticket:

So before you trash on someone ask them for proof, because I have my proof and I will not allow anyone to trash on me and talk lies. Maybe is not your fault, but just saying.

If you want to be moderator, try that on honest way and do not support lies which many people turn in direction how they want totally against real truth.

Thank you.
Traffic Value: $961.10805 Puerto Rico
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15/01/2016 13:50
I am interested but which are the benefits?
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