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Traffic Value: $632.82371 Latvia
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31/05/2015 23:44
1st make sure website really has the same content as written on offer wall
2nd make sure you wait up to several hours

can't  tell much, because I have not seen that one myself...
Traffic Value: $632.82371 Latvia
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01/06/2015 21:45 hates my IP now that's clear
Traffic Value: $301.78816 Denmark
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04/06/2015 11:02
Did anyone complete the my free zoo cash offer for $0.96? I registered as a new user, got to level 5 however I haven't received payment? I did take screenshots of most of the steps though
Traffic Value: $201.94002 United Kingdom
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16/06/2015 15:37
Just a heads up

If you click on any surveys through that show up as 'Hall and Partners' then I advise backing out of them.

I've noticed a trend where they work fine but around about the 90% mark a page loads but the graphics do not (Its usually a drag and drop question). This leaves you in limbo and you cannot complete the survey.

It's so frequent I suspect Hall and Partners do it deliberately to avoid paying. By that point they have most of the answers they need so it's always late on during a survey.

Don't waste your time on them.
Traffic Value: $67.04524 France
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18/06/2015 17:13
Same message : 
Hello everybody !

2/3 weeks ago I tried to fill the "UNLOCK HIGH PAYING SURVEYS!" in in Cash Offers and I didn't success.

Today, I tried again, but I'm blocked at 2/12 step which ask : "Where are You from ?" and it always says me :"City incorrectCity required". I live in Maurepas but I also tried with Paris (an unknown city somewhere in France [img=19x19][/img]) but that still says the same message. [img=19x19][/img]

Do people, and particularly french guys have managed to pass this step?

Thank you very much !

Traffic Value: $73.52505 Indonesia
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17/08/2015 04:16
how to redeem credits from AdsendMedia?
Traffic Value: $158.92163 United States
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05/09/2015 17:01
the support for Personaly reply me with "
The provider of this offer has said you did not use valid information, please do not use invalid information" for all my ticket even though I send proof.

Is it possible to enter info to a slide show which only request me clicking? Or I am crazy?
Traffic Value: $110.80841 Sri Lanka
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29/09/2015 06:51
50000+ has scored more. Ads will be less than $ 0.01.
When'm runs 50000+ $ 1 Ads are eakaka. I get it anything conclusive.
why is that.
Traffic Value: $213.99305 Pakistan
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29/09/2015 15:58
i create a support ticket and then respond it after now i did not get any reply and i can not open 2nd ticket last reply time 4 Days, 12 Hours, 22 Minutes   explain it please
Traffic Value: $7.60737 India
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08/10/2015 02:19
how to sell my royalty position please tell me
Traffic Value: $12,691.63746 Australia
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08/10/2015 10:12
fine if you have submitted to MTV/PV support regarding an issue with one of the cash offers it may not be replied to in a great hurry as there are many priority tickets right now. They cannot solve any issues to do with cash offers.
All issues with cash offers really need to be directed to the company that supplies the cash offer in order to resolve your issue.
To sell your rp's in the menu go to 

* "invest" 
* "Roylaty Positions" 

scroll down to
* "sell your positions" 
Traffic Value: $113.35575 Ukraine
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18/10/2015 15:26
Topic how to buy BAHT?
Traffic Value: $163.92176 Slovenia
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03/11/2015 22:00
pen Sans">Cashouts are processed within 7days. Usually the same/next daypen Sans">.Ha, ha
casio8978 - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $14,531.83197 Slovenia
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05/11/2015 14:46
send a support ticket, chose account issues, non of the above are my issues, and explain to the what happened
Traffic Value: $113.35575 Ukraine
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07/11/2015 10:01
What's with the captcha.For two days only appears polovina the pictures?
Traffic Value: $16.10149 Colombia
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11/11/2015 14:26
[EDITED BY MOD TEAM: Only english allowed in this forum. Furthermore your question was off-topic. - hispanomc]
Traffic Value: $2.62217 Spain
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24/11/2015 13:07
[MOD EDIT : Please use english only in the main forum topics. You can communicate in your language via the specific language threads dedicated for your language. Thanks]
Traffic Value: $20.59384 Pakistan
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03/12/2015 08:36
Hello Admin 

Can you add 

Wannads Offerwall


Open TrialPay Offer

Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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09/12/2015 01:06
Admin will not see that.

Send a support ticket and ask them if they have looked into those.

Chances are they have.

Also, there has been word 0 on how much the site is making off of these offers, after the first payment or 2.
So, for now, programming time is probably better spent elsewhere, at least in their eyes.
Traffic Value: $66.07776 Italy
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17/02/2016 09:52
where are my money from my account???????????????????????????
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