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Traffic Value: $3,254.88551 Canada
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03/04/2015 16:34
I tried a few and some of them would reward you cents but some don't.
Just keep trying...but dont pay to get cents because it will frustrates you more...just try the free ones...
Here is a list of what I got so far...just for a proof only...

03-04-2015 15:42:24 +$0.14 SuperRewards offer - 163633
03-04-2015 02:09:24 +$0.27 SuperRewards offer - 164300
03-04-2015 02:05:23 +$0.04 SuperRewards offer - 150233
03-04-2015 02:02:19 +$0.09 SuperRewards offer - 163884

14-03-2015 15:22:22 +$0.1296 offer - Tetris-MyFriends

14-03-2015 16:10:04 +$0.48 offer - DoubleDown Casino

11-03-2015 17:18:01 +$0.52 offer - Shopping Survey - 2117684
11-03-2015 17:01:28 +$0.0288 offer - Home Depot
11-03-2015 17:01:28 +$0.024 offer - Gold Level Bonus
11-03-2015 16:58:11 +$0.008 offer - Silver Level Bonus
11-03-2015 16:52:43 +$0.04 offer - Survey Profiler Bonus

Traffic Value: $73.7138 United Kingdom
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05/04/2015 13:48
I would love to start a new topic on this matter but it looks like we are stuck to keeping all in the one post. Anyway here is the title I would have used.

Is cash offers...or any of them, worth the hassle
During the week I signed up to two casino sites via the offer wall on PV. After 24 hours I emailed them with what I thought was sufficient evidence. I couldn't take screenshots from my laptop. So I saved the relevant web pages as txt documents. even though these contained the transaction ID's they were not acceptable.
After some searching I submitted the proof once again and again awaited their reply. This time it turns out there is not enough detail. I know from a previous support ticket that they do be in touch with their clients. So in that case you would think a transaction idea along with my signup username and email would be enough for the offer provider to say yes this is a valid signup or no it's not a valid signup.

I don't know if any of you have been on their forum. But the few posts that are there are mainly about the poor customer service that One of the sites I can't find a detailed breakdown of the transaction to prove I spent the deposit to qualify for the offer. So I have just give up (they have probably already been paid) and told to keep the money. It seems they need it more than I do.
Traffic Value: $73.7138 United Kingdom
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06/04/2015 16:28
What a useless bunch of **ankers are!!
On the first offer I am claiming for I sent them my username and email yesterday. They replied informing me that they give my ip to the client who does an initial check. I repied stating I would be contacting the client myself.
I got another email today asking for my username and email address I used to sign up for the offer. And I'm like 'ahem, excuse me but I already sent you those details'.
Their email about the second claim is even better. I supplied a screenshot of the requested account information. To which they replied ' we need to see the deposit on their platform, we also need the username and email' Which I had supplied (note no mention of problems with the file). I replied that what I had supplied was the most detailed info I could get. They replied saying without the deposit history they can't open an enquiry (again no mention of a problem with the file). Then six hours later they email me saying the file I sent them is corrupt!!!!!

That's a total of 14 messages and counting. It's like trying to get blood from a stone!!
Traffic Value: $5.02009 Romania
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06/04/2015 20:36

That's why i dont do any tasks (also many of them are country restricted) on any PTC except for MinuteStaff which is FREE and you get credits INSTANTLY . (0.0001 or 0.0005 or 0.015 per task,depends) (limited number per hour/day).

Also another task i/ve seen on a Payed per Visit or PTC website it's called "Typing" and requires to type names and addresses from bussiness cards photos - still waiting for some credits so im not sure about this one if it worths the time.

But minutestaff is the best (usually to visit a page for 10-20 secs or click internal link) and i hope Jo/Slosumo will add it to PV soon.
Traffic Value: $73.7138 United Kingdom
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06/04/2015 21:57
Can't recall ever coming across minutestuff. But it can't be any worse. Unfortunately there are enough people in the world to fall for's promise of high earnings per offer to keep them alive. I hope Jo adds something better soon.
Traffic Value: $303.22909 Belgium
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11/04/2015 11:56
I had a question. When you are going to do tasks for crowdflower through superrewards, how can you make it that you can do the tasks with batches. I know you need to have an account with crowdflower and have earned the batches (I have all three of them), I only don't know how you can make it work to do "batches" tasks through superrewards on PaidVerts. Anyone who knows this?
Traffic Value: $6.62213 Netherlands
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12/04/2015 07:49

My oppinion not worth the time most off them do not reward u.
U get a email box full with spam.
Better make a job offer section en remove this crap.
Traffic Value: $73.7138 United Kingdom
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13/04/2015 16:57
I totally agree. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the effort Jo has made to find ways for us to make more money. But in reality they are just a joke. I have been waiting nearly 3 weeks to get credited or 2 offers I did on There have been about 20 emails so far between me and them regarding these offers. The level of proof require is unreal. I have actually contacted the support team of one of the offers I completed. They have passed my concerns about on to their management who are going to investigate the matter to find out if there is anything dodgy going on.
I am also waiting to be credited for 2 tasks from adscendmedia. The cents are showing up on their offerwall but have not been credited to my PV balance (Jo maybe you could look into this to rule out any error on the PV side of things). I am still waiting for a reply to a support ticket I raised with them last week. And to round it all off I am waiting to be credited for an offer I did on superreward. And I can't find a link to their support team.

So all in all these offer providers are a load of crap in my opinion.
Traffic Value: $6.62213 Netherlands
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13/04/2015 18:04
Those company`s are just affiliate marketers who earn big on u filling that survey out.
I`m in affiliate marketing to and for them this is a great way to get leads for other products.
But in my eyes its spamming.
I don`t like this kind of marketing but yeah i think they make some great conversions on them otherwise they wouldnt be spamming your email box.
that 30 cents u get when u fill in a form they earn around $1 on that
Traffic Value: $73.7138 United Kingdom
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13/04/2015 18:27
Thanks for the info. The 2 offers I completed via were for bingo sites. It doesn't say anything about proof of completion needed until you raise a support ticket. I supplied a screenshot showing transaction id, date & time and sign up details. Only to be told this wasn't enough. I replied saying in my eyes that should be enough to go to the client who can then confirm the details. They eventually sent a reply saying "ok we will contact them right away"

Eventually I contacted the bingo site in question and told them my concerns about the offer (the lack of contact information on their homepage being one of the things to set alarm bells ringing) . They past the details on to their management team. And they are now investigating to see whether I am right to be concerned.
When I told this they replied saying they didn't deal with the site directly but through another provider (not the impression I got)

Also I think is a one man/woman operation as all the complaints about poor customer service mention a person called Gal. I firmly believe the site has paid and he/she doesn't want to pay me, or anyone else.
Traffic Value: $4,684.25395 United Kingdom
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14/04/2015 11:00
well i just got paid after 24 days for a casino offer. no answer on my ticket for 15 days. i can't believe they finally paid smile
Traffic Value: $478.85771 France
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14/04/2015 11:46
hello I asked for a payment of $ 116 last I want to know how long I'd pay thank you
Traffic Value: $73.7138 United Kingdom
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14/04/2015 12:55
Well rob above said he waited 24 days. And I just got an email from to say they are waiting to hear from their provider. So far I've waited almost 21 days. Still don't think it's worth the hassle!
Traffic Value: $73.7138 United Kingdom
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14/04/2015 13:03
@robthornty Did they want to know what you were wearing at the time you completed the offerLOLtongue
Traffic Value: $354.01015 Serbia
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14/04/2015 20:38

CrowdFlower is doing it to me yet again....

today i lost 1 badge and now i am at level 1 (again for the x`th time)..... i have no clue why...

no flags notifications...nothing...
my % is over 81% and tasks completed well above needed number ...

but ``there is something else preventing me from level 2``

oh my ... so sad and funny at the same time...

...maybe because yesterday i earned about 1$ from them... pfff...
Traffic Value: $412.45419 Spain
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17/04/2015 11:44
BE CAREFULL!!!! steal me.  I do the offer of casino 888, and dont credited me, i open ticket and answer that was credited in my account, but its false,  moderators can see it in my account. answer:

You have already been credited on our platform:
2015-04-12 03:08:23 888 Casino

ITS TOTALLY FALSE!!!. I hope that paidverts sent off because they steal me 5000 cents, 4800 of the offer and 120 of diamond level than i reach. For the good name of paidverts and for security of the users of paidverts and MTV, other people must be steal for

Can any moderators talk to this people and prove that in my account not credited nothing?.

Traffic Value: $16.90097 Viet Nam
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19/04/2015 00:49
How long will it take to receive 13$ cash out ?
Traffic Value: $16.90097 Viet Nam
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19/04/2015 08:12
How long will it take to receive my payment ? ( i cash out 25$)
Traffic Value: $73.7138 United Kingdom
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19/04/2015 14:44
It seems to be taking about 3 to 4 weeks for to pay out on offers. Their surveys pay out instantly
Traffic Value: $463.64751 Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of)
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21/04/2015 18:28
How long will it take to recive 46$cash out??? I cashrequested 4 days
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