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Last Time To Get Shares At Crazy Low Price

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Traffic Value: $1,095,877.628 Canada
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17/04/2014 12:53

so we still see people selling 5,000-10,000 shares at crazy low price ($0.07-$0.09).

I think we're pretty much at the last stage of this opportunity.

Right after the dept-swap in January, many people (like me) bought tons of ads at the lowest price ever seen on MTV.

Seeing that the price of shares have not increased much after 3 months, some of them are bored and want to get their money back by selling their shares.

But, the difference now is that PaidVerts is running very good and we see higher daily results.
MTV network is getting bigger and we see real money results.
The Fast Track Queue is clearing out smoothly.
PaidVerts and MTV alexa ranking is really high (Top 10,000).
The word is given from mouth to mouth that MTV is the real deal.

People who are buying shares as of now know their share will worth a lot more in a near future. So, those people will probably not resell their shares at the current ridiculously low price.

The shares are then transfering from people who bought shares at $0.03-$0.06 in January to people seeing the real long term money opportunity behind the shares.

People wondering if they should buy now should buy as much shares as they can right now because these low prices will disappear soon.  wink
Traffic Value: $84,466.07763 Pakistan
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17/04/2014 15:08
 Brainy yes i agree with u now with in the next 2 to 4 months sure price will be 2.5x or may be more than 3x . this time price is low because biggest share holder need money and they want to sell it and the PV games make the mtv as a king site and if the moneymakergames site lunched than think what's happened tongue
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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17/04/2014 15:13
I'm willing to let my first 1000 shares go for $500. No joke. This is one of my retirement accounts.

Until then, I'll be using profits to buy more smile
Traffic Value: $76,730.43625 Portugal
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17/04/2014 16:15
@ dguy
[justify]Lol 500$ you are a dreamer. Currently the Facebook price stock is at 59.23$.[/justify]
@ arslan75
[justify]Can you tell me what would moneymakergames be? By the title it looks like a gambling site. But we already have games on MTV. So why the two of them? I have been here since January 2014, so don't know what it is or will be.[/justify]
Traffic Value: $6,467.88006 Germany
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17/04/2014 17:27
Yes, we have games on MTV but they are not the money makers they should be, which is why a pure gambling site will me made sometime in the future.
Traffic Value: $1,095,877.628 Canada
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17/04/2014 17:32
dan1989, dguy said he's willing to sell 1000 shares for $500. So each share sold at $0.50, which could be reached within this year (2014) smile.

As detraephot said, MoneyMyGames (MMG) would be a separate money games. As MTV is too complicated for the usual kind of money games players, a seperate site for the games would attract a lot more people.

I think it's the next subsidiary website that Jo plans to build.
We would then have the investment site (MTV), the paid-to-click site (PV) and the money games site (MMG) grin
Traffic Value: $32,122.18249 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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17/04/2014 17:46
next idea could be e-money exchange or buy/sell merchandise shop something like ebay or amazon hmm? I remember Jo speaking about some offline stuff/ideas too recently, which will be in mtv portfolio, I wonder what could that be...
Traffic Value: $1,095,877.628 Canada
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17/04/2014 17:59
Buy/Sell real marchandise is a good idea, but it takes a hell lot more of capital than online businesses.

MTV network has to be really solid before thinking about offline business.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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17/04/2014 19:00
Hi Brainy,

No, he is right. I meant $500 each grin

Hey, it is possible. Maybe not probable but possible. The float (number of shares) for MTV is a lot smaller than facebook and who knows, if the site takes off Jo could decide to list it on a real exchange.

I'm really more interested in collecting the dividends (which should increase) and using those and profits to buy more shares. The more I own and control, the higher the price should go
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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17/04/2014 19:59
$10billion in turnover required for shares to pay $500 in dividends. A few years away, even under the best of circumstances wink
Traffic Value: $1,095,877.628 Canada
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02/05/2014 01:23
I think my predictions are pretty accurate smile.

Thanks to Jo for buying tons of shares, increasing the price at a master speed grin.

Many people (like me) will make 500%+ ROI easily in the next few months with the shares they bought.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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02/05/2014 08:02
That's my plan!

PV sold its first shares @250% today; so that's great... Now we'll have a bumper result day at PV. And that should spur more purchases. And that'll finance even more share buys!

Depending how big PV gets; it could single handidly raise the share price to $1-$2 very quickly.

HenryMTV last year spiked the price to $4/share with a ~$50k injection... And no reason PV can't do 10x that over the course of this year.

And the weird thing is, even though PV is basically creating a share price bubble; at the same time; it's also creating the underlying value to back it up... So it's real interesting to see how this pans out. As it'll rocket the share price, and also grow the business... So it may not be a bubble at all!?!?

Anyway - this is a real curiosity for me. As it's seemingly too perfect (and too simple). I'm trying to see the flaw in it. But I haven't found one yet.

But 18cents right now. Let's see how quickly we get to 36cents.
Traffic Value: $65,453.30658 Sweden
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02/05/2014 08:37
I think owning a piece of shares will soon be a exclusive club when a share is to expensive to small users to buy and then only the people that think long term and believe in MTV,
and don't sell will have higher dividends that's is what shares should be owned for, if they want faster earning rate they need to work for it or long we don't over do it, it can be good for all.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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02/05/2014 08:56
We will likely split the shares soon. Breaking each 1 share up now into 10small units. With each unit getting 1/10th of the current dividend.

That will make individual shares more affordable; especially to PaidVerts users. They can click on ads; earn a few cents, then snap up a few shares straight away.
Traffic Value: $1,095,877.628 Canada
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02/05/2014 13:49
The only bad thing that could happen with the bubble is that you buy all the available shares and they then cost too much for members to buy them so you would have to keep all of them or to decrease the price.

Anyway, I don't think that will happen, especially if you 10fold the quantity of shares
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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02/05/2014 14:03
Cool, the biggest seller at 19cents has cancelled his little roadblock... So we should be at 20cents+ imminently.

And then there's not much currently for sale until we hit $0.27 where PV is selling a big batch. But PV will buy that from itself most likely, over a few days, or one good day!
Traffic Value: $556.4157 Brazil
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02/05/2014 14:28
Make one think, give 5 days to comum user buy the shares, if for some reasen the Share not rise or don´t Sell all of the PV, you buy back!
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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02/05/2014 15:56
This will all create excitement for the site. Once that happens, the word will spread and this will bring in more investors and advertisers. So the share buys will probably pay for themselves in extra users and participation
Traffic Value: $1,095,877.628 Canada
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10/05/2014 03:07
I'm thinking everyday about when I'm going to sell some of my shares..

I think the best time would be when Jo will implement the 10fold shares feature..

Is it on the list yet??? grin

It's still very good though, shares price is rising of about $0.01/day
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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10/05/2014 07:14
I offered that upgrade to Alex...
As Daniel and Paul are busy with other stuff; and will be seemingly forever. But if Alex wants some work; then that'd be a nice bonus.

Up to you about selling your shares; but I think we can get the price up to $0.50/share fairly quickly. PV has spent $1-2k+ per day the last couple days buying up shares. And even had $500 spare to whack into the FT250 yesterday.

So with that continued demand, that will likely increase. Price should keep rocketing. And as it grows; it validates the PV model, as it's re-investments mature and it buys shares off itself to sell higher again.

I'd hold onto your shares until we're at about 50-60cents; then perhaps sell enough to recover your principal. Then see if you get lucky with the rest; as they might be worth $2+ each by the end of the year.
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