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How much $ Investments will MTV make in 2014?

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19/02/2014 02:36
So Jo, make a rough guess,
how much $$$ Investments do you think MTV will generate in 2014? tongue

$100,000 - $500,000 - 1,000,000 - $2,000,000 - $5,000,000 ??

And how much $$$ investments did MTV get in 2012 and 2013?
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19/02/2014 10:15
2012 was something like $750k turnover.
* Higher due to the 110-125 cycler only plan)
* Mainly from offline Spanish investors.
* Failing Points: i) Liquidity was shot before we even began, due to nearly 3 years of development delays and overruns. ii) Really poor time saving design with the investment plan. Prone to rapid stalling.

2013 was 550-600k
* Introduction of Fast Track Plans
* Portfolio began to amount to something
* Failing Points: i) Still playing catchup on liquidity front from previous year. Insufficient growth to grow our way out of it; via writing it off as product costs ii) Internal portfolio, all "leechy" products, not independent earners -- so as MTV slows. So do the revenues. iii) No killer product to put MTV on the map.

* Liquidity fixed! Fresh start.
* Huge "free" starting portfolio.
* Cycler removed. Plan simplifications. Flood controls to make our growth (debt) go wide, and not deep.
* First subsidiary businesses
* Grumpy members!

This year, I'm certain we'll hit $500k in turnover. We don't require any portfolio to achieve that.,, And with PaidVerts + PayPal. The sky is the limit.

The only downside is that we've lost our squeeky clean image. And it'll take some time, and seriously impressive results, for investors to get over that. Or more likely, we'll find new ones!

But as soon as the share price gets back to 25-30cents. Most people will be content again. And that won't take long... And at 70cents, the swap strategies will be proven to have worked.. And then we basically get our squeeky clean image back.

25-30cents... definitely this year. Could be just 2-3months away.
70cents... possible. But that'd be towards the upper bounds of my expectations / hopes. That really requires something huge out of PaidVerts.
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19/02/2014 17:04
The pure fact that we had our image tarnished and we are still around means more than anything.

We are transparent. We don't post up fake results.
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01/03/2014 16:04
If MTV makes $500,000 turnover on 2014 (which is a realistic forecast), I'll get a big %ROI and I'll be very happy grin
slosumo - Administrator
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01/03/2014 16:09
Yeah on dividends alone you should make 30-50% based on what prices you bought up most shares for smile Say if you also sold your shares at 0.15 at the end of the year that's a total of 250% ish return for you - almost HYIP like returns with only shares and very low expectations smile
Traffic Value: $1,095,877.628 Canada
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01/03/2014 16:15
With $500,000 turnover, 90k shares get about $500 in dividends. So, no, the dividens alone can't get my money back at all. Dividends are long term profits earners. However, I earn dividends as long as I keep the shares, and when I'll sell some of them, I'll get instant sale profit + previous dividends grin
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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01/03/2014 16:27
Sorry mate, I have to disappoint you. For 500000$ turnover you get

5000000$ * 89215shares * 0.00000005$ dividend/1$ = 2230$ wink
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01/03/2014 16:55
Turnover = Money Invested (186FTP or 250FTP).
So, dividends get 19% of this.

$500,000 x 19% = $95,000
$95,000 x 89,215 x $0.00000005 = $423.77

Still, $423.77 dividends + eventual profits I make selling the shares, or I wait to get more dividends smile
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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01/03/2014 17:20
I hope I haven't missed anything, but I'm pretty sure my calculation is correct tongue

1$ investment turnover isn't the 19%, it's the 1$ invested. Check the shareholder statistics and you can calculate with past data.

From FAQ: "As you can see from the investment plan breakdowns, for every dollar invested, $0.19  (19%) gets divided between our shareholders. And given that there are 3,800,000 shares in total, means that each share earns $0.00000005 per dollar invested."
Traffic Value: $1,095,877.628 Canada
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01/03/2014 17:34
Yes sorry, I miscalculated haha.

Someday I get it right, someday I miscalculate haha.

Yeah so $2,230,38 it is haha grin
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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01/03/2014 18:10
No problem tongue Just hope you're not mad cause you're getting more than you thought smile
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01/03/2014 18:41
$0.00000005 * $500,000 = $0.025 total dividend per share.
*89,000 shares = $2225


And when thinking about PaidVerts...
I think our turnover really should be at least 2-4x what it was last year. As two programs with even mediocre turnover each, is ~$1m total (Which equates to 750k+ for MTV)

If PaidVerts gets off to anything better than a totally slow start, and we get a few extra payment processors rolling in the first half of the year, I think we have a shot at $2-10m turnover this year.

So that'd be $0.10-$0.25 in actual dividends per share.
And those would likely be paid on an exponential curve. Slow to start, then really starts to spike as the middle-end of the year approaches.

What i'm thinking about PaidVerts is we build it in March... April is the "getting started month"; maybe we'll grow / maybe not. Then May/June it starts to snowball. Then July+ it really starts ramping up speed; as its MTV investments start maturing in a consistent daily chain, to really bump the daily results at PV. And then it should get stronger and stronger from that point onwards.

Something like that I reckon.
Traffic Value: $1,095,877.628 Canada
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01/03/2014 21:17
$10 million would give me near $50k in dividends.. angel
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01/03/2014 22:44
comparing MTV's present economic state with millions is kinda like owning a google share about 15 years ago or and lets say today... actually not today but 7-8 years ago I guess, google's estimated value is in billions today if I'm correct, anyways let's go for those goals this year and raise MTV's value, Jordan Belfort style tongue
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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01/03/2014 23:37
Yes Brainy, that's what i'm saying. You've purchased a lot of shares for such a cheap price... I think you've pissed Carlos off a bit wink

As he's spent an enourmous amount of money, and waited the full 3+ years now as MTV slowly puts its pieces together... And you've come along late in the day; taken advantage of a cheap share price; and have aquired 15% of his stake pretty much over night at almost no cost. Not compared to the hundreds of thousands he's put in over the years.

Thereby you've got a pretty sweet deal out of this! And stand to make a lot of money as soon as we finally grow.

Anyway, we're surely getting close now.
The portfolio is well established; tidy a few things up, add PaidVerts, MMG, additional payment processors, multiplayer games, plus just generally lots more games, of better and better quality. And we have a good chance of hitting that breakout threshold this year that we've been pursuing for a long time.

Fingers crossed!
Traffic Value: $1,095,877.628 Canada
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02/03/2014 15:15
I'm very optimistic about MTV's future.

I think I'll try to cashout 100% ROI with the 250FTP and keep my shares for the long term profit smile
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