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How are the RPs doing?

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Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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29/07/2020 17:55
If it gets sold it gets sold, doesn't matter whether from a 1mil block or from a few k sale. Likewise for buying is even better, as blocks keep the price down.
Also, regular trading on the RP market that has none at all a functional reason currently is literally just dilluting the money users have, as nothing substantially changes, except for those ~40$ on average that MTV gets from trading fees daily.

Please cut the RP market debate already, it'll start moving when it's time for it. That will be when we will actually start making profit and work on future projects and not while we're still ~200k in debt.

It's nice to see that MTV is making progress, but stop beating a horse (RPs) that is of currently still dead.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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29/07/2020 18:48
People won't trade or risk in the market if they know there is a big fish just waiting to crush the price by dumping 1 million shares to stop the price rise. Why would people risk if they know they are just handing it to players who are able to control the market via floods.

And why should people stop talking about it? I think players should know that big players will jam the price at the first sign of a move up.
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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29/07/2020 19:07
also i am not talking about rules here or restrictions or anything like that. its a free market and it should be a free market BUT there should be common sense from the big players that its sometimes better to pull back for a few days/weeks and let the market do its job to get back on a level where it should be and feel the moment to come back and put up some sales and bids and make money.
now its all for themself trying to make money but if we want to make it a success again for the future we should work more together and think straight and dont be selfish.

this is the last thing i say about it. as long as i see this behaviour i wont go down the road to buy shares. as i said i am not going to wait for months for pennies. if i could make 10% profit from a dollar in a week then it would feel like i have something to win but now the big ones keep blocking eveything and movement isnt possible and with this behaviour the volume will never come back either. 
So my advice for the bigger ones. stop putting up new sales and bids and take the profit and keep it in your account for a while or cash it out or buy bap ads with it to help the community 
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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29/07/2020 22:06
Human nature demands that greed will always overrule common sense
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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30/07/2020 00:34
Look at it another way...the fact that the big traders are putting in big blocks and preventing upward movement is an opportunity for the small traders to accumulate before the success of the products means the big traders can no longer suppress the price.

Let the market be the market and let the team focus on generating revenue.

Any artificial control of any market will have unintended consequences.
Traffic Value: $953.07789 Bangladesh
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28/12/2020 00:53
Is RP holder still getting dividends? I am back after a long time.
Traffic Value: $62,710.15909 United States
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28/12/2020 02:52
No dividend on Rps. There won't be for awhile w other priorities.

The main developments:
A new game on some major platforms.

They have been able to pay back a % of the fast track investments. Hopefully more after the holiday slow time is over.

External casinos are getting a lot of volume. Not massive profits yet but still making $.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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28/12/2020 18:46
Also, the shares are probably on a floor now. The chance of them going up over the long term is higher than them going down so if you want to store cash or accumulate shares here, your money is pretty safe in the shares. We could get a mini run anytime which would make your investment profitable.
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