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How are the RPs doing?

Perfect Money back to being operational!

Our perfect money issue has been solved!

All cashouts have been processed and all new ones will be processed within 24-48 hours max again.
Thank you for your patience!

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Traffic Value: $477.38965 Poland
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26/07/2020 20:50
fraser said: "You say the RP value is underwhelming.  I say the RP value doubled in a day! If you can find somewhere else I can double my money in a day, please let me know."

Double the money, you say... I can do it if I put money here now. But I already did it and it didn't repay, so I'm waiting. 
I need an RP price of $ 0,024 to double my money. That's what I've been waiting for since 2016, when the RPs value went to the dumpster.

fraser said: "Nothing goes up in a straight line, but if you think long term...". 

That's what I'm reading for past 4 years. "Think in a long term". That's what Jo said. "The profits will skyrocket". That's when I learned the word "skyrocket". 

fraser said: "if you believe you are being scammed, I would suggest you sell everything".

I know I'm not being scammed. Marc himself put here 400k when the big hit happened, and all of a sudden we've learned that we're not getting our money back soon. 
There is a light out for me, but I want to see it. I am asking simple questions - what are we? You send me "About us" link. Guys, I know that MTV is a crowdfunding platform, and PaidVerts is an advertising platform. I know about the results and FTQ. I know all of this. 

fraser said: "They stuck around literally for years trying to turn this around and make it a legitimate business". 

Dude, I'm no entrepreneur, no businessman, no prodigy, but I know some things. 

We need a clear situation and trust regained. We are an online business with over 6 mln $ that was put in here. We need a product to be sold. We need outside money. We can't play in our small online casino with ourselves and hope to get an insane profit. It doesn't work like that.

All of you are missing one key point - we're not even in top 100 in Google for online casino. Every other gambler searching for an online casino has at least 100 other options to choose from. How much will power will it take to go to 5th Google search page or further? 

We're not selling any physical product, we exist only online, which means that we need online presence. We need people to come to our website with fresh money. Our strongest product is the online casino, and we should decide whether we want to go 100% on it or just play with ourselves. 

I've been learning for past year about SEO - from an SEO point of view, we're not in a strong position. We don't rank high for the most lucrative keywords like "casino online", "play online", "roulette online", nothing. Google sees our URL addresses as thin content - pages without text that in the eyes of the browser are useless to a user. We have a ton of backlinks, mostly bad ones, that are ruining our position instead of helping us. We have a lot of paid traffic that Google doesn't like. 

First thing we could do, is adding at least 500 words of description on every single URL within our domains. Second thing, is writing a blog, about earning in the Internet, for example, or running an online business. It'll gather some more organic traffic from Google, meaning fresh money. A batch of 20 articles should cost like 200 -300 dollars. 

Do we even have someone for SEO? If not, you should consider hiring one, from outside. 
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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26/07/2020 22:04
Ahh, some valid questions.. These I can answer!

We rank high in the terms that matter to our casino.
Terms such as "perfect money casino" and several others we rank high in. Those keywords lead to the most traffic.
Granted, I just checked and for the above term I mentioned we're no longer number 1, but number 7, so I indeed have to put someone on that again.
Terms such as "online casino" are extremely competitive and therefore cost many 1000s of dollars to rank high in.
That would be fine if it would deliver the best traffic, but it doesn't.
The thing is that most gamblers who want to gamble online want to do so with creditcard, neteller and what not..
The amount of gamblers who have perfect money to gamble with is far smaller. It's a niche market, one we focused on conquering in the past.


Regarding the "6 million invested"-argument I simply have to say that you and I both know that figure isn't correct.
You should know that if you witnessed me playing with 100s of thousands in the FTQ before becoming a CEO here myself.
What Richard would do is simply juggle with numbers, add non-existent costs and swap the business over and over..
That's where millions of portfolio inputs came from.

We have never swept those cards or the pages for various reasons.. One of them being that the FTQ hasn't been repaid and we want to keep the entries as they are.


Many decisions over the years have been made based on information and facts I was presented.. Many times I've had to make decisions I didn't want to make, didn't fully agree with etc etc.. But I'd say most of them were better than the alternative.

Did I picture MTV like this after 5 years? Absolutely not.
I came into this business expecting to have a solid partner backing me up. Over time I learned things are very different than they seemed to be from the outside in.
We managed very well given the conditions/circumstances, the loss of PayPal and tons of other processors, the hack of Yan, the theft of Jo and tons and tons of other things causing us losses.
Any of the things I just mentioned would repay the full FTQ.

We are constantly focusing on improvement and we keep asking the crowd and the team how we can improve and try to use whatever feedback sounds viable.
As of now we are a profitable business and we try to improve as much as possible.
The more we all do our part (the team, the investors, the users) the better it will be for all.
Traffic Value: $1,581.80953 Spain
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26/07/2020 23:05
First of all, apologize for the english of the google translator. After this, thank Bartosh for his questions because they really help us all and Marc for his answers because what he says has great relevance for those of us who are part of this. I think the simple fact of keeping this "business" alive is already something to value. I have always believed in the work of Marc and his team and with very small contributions, I have collaborated in the different projects that the platform has released. But it is true that the years are weighing on our spirits when things do not progress as fast as we all want. The turning point is surely the FTQ payment. Hopefully, our patience will eventually pay off. And of course, I think it is positive to read and answer the criticisms that make us improve. Hug for all
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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27/07/2020 00:13
I disagree with you ffsport.

I think the build and payback of PV was the turning point. That was our first big investor megaproject that we were able to payoff in a good timeframe. That has inspired confidence for the future
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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27/07/2020 00:33
That should read: The payback of PTCS smile
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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27/07/2020 04:05
I don't want to pile on, and you can delete after you know I read your reply:

Marc, the side project of you investing in crypto.

I know you paid some back to those that asked, but I was just wondering how is that going?

I left my investment in you in that project as just one of many eggs in my basket, and know that even if it takes your lifetime, you will at least decide to give me back my investment when you can (if you give up) or some return you feel is appropriate.
Traffic Value: $5,893.23193 Slovenia
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27/07/2020 05:39
That's a valid question druth8x.
I also left my money in and would like to know what is going on with my investment.
Traffic Value: $3,474.635 Spain
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27/07/2020 06:23
Well... Same here smile
Traffic Value: $477.38965 Poland
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27/07/2020 07:42
Ah, some valid answers smile good that we're coming to terms finally.

@ Marc, I already told you - we should have a blog section for PV, MTV, and PPMG. 15 articles, 1000 words on each site with internal linking to the products. That's for a start. I can do some keyword research, but I don't have much time to write these. Check, there are multiple copywriters willing to do it, SEO-optimized or not.

Next thing are the description on every URL, simple ones, what we are, what it is, how to earn yada yadda. 

I've noticed MTV traffic falling constantly, it's not good. Also, it's not good that we're not doing anything substantial about it. Like you said, we should attend to it and take care of it. I hope may suggestions are worth something.
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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27/07/2020 17:13
its all nice that movement in the market. just wished those big players stopped putting those roadblocks all the time.  to bad mtv doesnt have enough money and to much debts to buy up those big chunks to get less amount of shares in the rotation.
Traffic Value: $214.96203 Bosnia and Herzegowina
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28/07/2020 08:50
MTV should buy up these small price RPs  and  put them back for sale at 1$. I mean buying a bunch of shares at o.0006  is so easy few dollars  daily can buy thousands of shares easy.
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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28/07/2020 12:20
if we play on wave strategy then the market get up slow by slow.. Like, need to market get down to again 0.0005.  But, players need to move up once again 0.001 while market got down to 0.0005

So, who one missed the train they will buy again. its surely and steady to move the market upside.

If market movement goes to some distance then more peoples to contribute and make profit on wave movement.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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28/07/2020 14:14
That's not a wave, that's a whale flood.
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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28/07/2020 18:11
nothing to do with waves these amounts are not acceptable at all. its pure selfish behaviour. if the big ones remove all their sales and bids and let the market do its work for a while the market definately will go up quickly. which also would give within a fast time the oportunity for the big ones to put up smaller badges up for sale and so make a lot of more profit that way in a much shorter time.

i think we must have a lot of patience untill the ftq is paid off and dividends can come back. if you put up rules that you can only get dividend on shares that you hold for at least 30 days then this behaviour might stop
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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28/07/2020 20:30
The behaviour on the rp-market is nothing different then the behaviour on a stock-market.

On the stock-market it is even much worse. Big speculators can suddenly start shorting stock, pushing the price down for no reason.

The reason? Because they can.
The remedy? Getting the fundamentals in place, which is what is happening now. The closer we get to paying of the FTQ / getting dividends, the less speculative the market will get.
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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28/07/2020 20:54
Be realistic people, this current market "action" is just a puff of smoke. There's still ~200k of FTQ to go.
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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28/07/2020 22:05

if am purchased on 0.01, then i am ask to remove all  sale put up to 0.02

if someone purchased on 0.02, they ask 0.05... So, its not solution.

We need movement on up and down.

big or small, thats not matter. everyone in here for make some money. So always welcome to contribution of big players to demand on 500 million RP. But, now we have very less big players only.. So no demand for RP. thats matter.

Refer more peoples and Make Demand for RP.

in here no movement on market, then how can someone understand the market to make profit?

So always do the game of placing and removing bid & sale between week gap.

if we do the game, new and small players understand it and make some small investment for doubling.

More peoples , More Contribution, More Profit.

Plan the RP game between 0.0005 to 0.001,  Its naturally get up by new investments on future as demand on low bid. So, we must need to show some movement on RP market.
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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29/07/2020 03:30
seems only the big players unlike my message...says enough for me. 


if you play the game its fine..but putting roadblocks with 3M RP stops the market. New players wont even try it if they dont see the market move and see the same persons on the top of the list all the time.

i dont even know why i am even going into discussion here , i gave up long time ago on the market and i am only using it once a month to buy my baps for paidverts. The big players have ruined an oportunity for small players like me to benefit from it. i wont wait months for a 5 pennies profit. i just dont think i am not the only one and are missing maybe hundreds or lost even thousands of potential market players with the selfish behaviour of the big ones 
Traffic Value: $477.38965 Poland
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29/07/2020 09:42
jordy186, that's basically the difference between capitalism and socialism.

In capitalism, you have a free market.
In socialism, the state will try to influence it.

Same here. Big players want to get even bigger. Small players want to get big, so they look for a way around.

But truth be told - if you put in here thousands of dollars and haven't gotten much from it yet, will you be willing to pay for social justice? I don't think so. 

MTV has tools to delete all bids and set the minimum price at a certain level. But it would kill the market entirely. 

Instead, we need to improve the MTV, PV, PPMG and other products. If these are well-developed, two things may happen:
- old players will see we're not dead, and they'll come back with some capital,
- new players will see our potential, and they will also come.

As wise man said, you can't erase poverty with law acts, and that's what you propose.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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29/07/2020 17:23
What you guys fail to understand is that you are only hurting yourselves. The site makes money from the trade volume. By jamming the market and driving smaller players out, you minimize the amount of money the site can make from the volume and slow down the process to pay back the money you claim you want.

I don't know what the solution should be but even the futures market has position limits to keep people from cornering the market. The problem there is that big traders just use multiple firms to continue their dominance and the US government looks the other way. Plus the US government prints money, buys bonds, and keeps interest rates artificially low to let traders have money to buy with. So no, it is in no way a free market

Position limits might work here because people can only hold and trade with one account. It would be much harder to form a trading cabal.

Maybe splitting the market into two tiers? One for trades up to X amount of shares, one for X amount of shares and above so the big players can move their shares if they want to without clogging up the market to complete a necessary trade. It would be an interesting dynamic because as shares move in one market they could influence the other and create arbitrage opportunities like we get in the different crypto exchanges
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