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How are the RPs doing?

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Traffic Value: $11,262.3593 Spain
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05/07/2020 08:40
i think that until ftq is paid/almost paid rps wont increase in value (in a natural way)
Traffic Value: $53,683.67577 Germany
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07/07/2020 05:51

I doubt that I will ever get my money back from FTQ. No movement at all.
Traffic Value: $11,262.3593 Spain
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07/07/2020 07:30
they have already paid the ptc share backers, it is a matter of time (years) to build a product that works great or a bunch ones that work ok, paired with a constant optimization of costs
Traffic Value: $435.67939 Sweden
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23/07/2020 18:20
So what is going on, now on market, any idea?
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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23/07/2020 23:49

In my opinion, we are about to see a major re-rate of the RP value (upwards).

Results from the last few weeks (particularly from PPMG and PBG) have been far better than 'normal'.  Marc has indicated that the FTQ is going to see a payment this month.  

Should that be the case, I believe many will take that as a signal that MTV has finally turned the corner.  If so, that makes the $350,000 (500,000,000 RPs at $0.0007) implied valuation of the business look tiny.

In the last 2 weeks, the Total Revenue has been circa $27,890 or an average of $1992 per day.  If we assume (and it's a big assumption) that we could maintain these levels, that's an annual revenue (not profit) of $727,080.

So the current market cap is less than half annualised revenue!

Yesterday we moved from a highest bid of 0.0005 to 0.0006.  That may seem tiny, but it's a 20% gain for anyone who bought at 0.0005!

My conclusion...anyone with their value in BAPs should be moving to RPs. Anyone without a position, should be buying RPs with cash.

None of this is advice, just my opinion.  Take it or leave it. grin
Traffic Value: $3.56464 Spain
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24/07/2020 09:44
Lol, now 0.0007. Very good increase.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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24/07/2020 11:31
Lots of activity indeed..
Traffic Value: $13,419.4675 Netherlands
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24/07/2020 18:29
Well I was too late to join the party. Sold my rp's at 0.006 and put a buy bid at 0.005 as many did. I'm no trader as shown today. The price went up and decided to take my loss and rebought everything at 0.007 and some buy bids. Took all day to get filled. Almost nobody is selling wich is a good sign.

Hope this upwords trend continu and we will see the real value of mtv and takes us out of survival phase into the grow phase!
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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25/07/2020 01:44
You're not too late wink
Traffic Value: $35.51205 Viet Nam
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25/07/2020 15:07
woowwwwowwwwwwww that is only word i can say now
Traffic Value: $8,196.65783 Poland
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25/07/2020 16:02
We have a chance to do something good for MTV. Without blocking the market, RP it will grow in value and everyone will benefit from it.
Traffic Value: $477.38965 Poland
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25/07/2020 17:04
I would like to understand some things, that I wonder for 5 years or more.

I came here via PaidVerts. Back in the Jo era, PaidVerts was supposed to be an advertising platform friendly for both the clickers, and the advertisers. It had potential, which is now basically gone, because people are advertising themselves. There is no outside money coming in, so we're not earning.

Then I came to MTV. I still don't know what MTV is supposed to be. There are some major projects going on, outsourcing, programming, revolutions, rearrangements, but truth is that we founded essentially nothing. For 5 years we keep turning around the same money that we put in here. We are not selling anything. 
Ad banners on MTV are advertising outside earning services, buxes, and other clickers, which are advertising MTV back. Ultimately MTV became a poor man's online casino.

I said that years ago - if we don't bring outside money here, we might as well kiss our investment goodbye and pack our bags. I kept hearing that everything is fine and one day we'll have our investment back.

Surprisingly enough the platform didn't die. It lost a lot of trust and I think that many people don't believe in it anymore. That's the issue.

So the question is - what are we? What is our product? What are we selling? What were these 6 mln $ invested into? I may be stupid, but if you asked me, 6 mln is quite some money. Don't tell me we have an online casino, self-advertising platform, and MTV worth dirt for 6 mln bucks.

A few years ago, when Google was stupid and learning, traffic like this may have had value. Now, paid traffic can do more harm than good. How are you planning to get back on track, so that you don't look like scammers? 
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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25/07/2020 17:06
Shows up to throw dirt in the month with the best revenues for over a year. Ok. oh oh
Traffic Value: $477.38965 Poland
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25/07/2020 17:20
I am asking the same questions for more than 3 years since the moment, when RPs value dropped down from like $0.06 to the rock bottom. I don't understand the mechanism of this platform and I'm asking for an explanation. 

For more than 3 years.

I have put money into it, like we all did. Not much, but I believed in people here. For years I keep hearing: "It'll be fine". 

I keep coming back to check if something changed. Finally something moved. It's a good sign, but I still don't understand, where the income is supposed to come from. The casino? The traffic? The ads? What is the product? What are we selling? What are we? These questions are still unanswered, and instead of addressing them, you call me a naysayer. 

Now tell me - don't I have a right to be a complainer? 
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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25/07/2020 17:52
Seems you haven't paid much attention then, as any other person on the forum knows exactly what our products are, where to find them, what our main income source is etc.

I haven't been responding to anyone with such an attitude lately. You come here saying all of our products are basically dead and we run on a poor man's casino.
If that's your point of view, fine. I don't feel like being disrespected. I have nothing to sell to you, so why would I even bother?
Traffic Value: $477.38965 Poland
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25/07/2020 20:42
Let me tell you something.
When I came here today, I checked FTQ. It's almost stuck. You are fast tracking it with 100% revenue from portfolio. Great. I have my whopping 2,3$ that I left here back in 2016. It says it's gonna be paid in about a month. Cool.

Then I go to portfolio Results. +2k, +1,7k, -400, -500, and so on.

Then I check RPs value. It moved up. Great. The value is still underwhelming, but it moved. The BAP price remains the same for years - 5 BAP. 

Then I go to PaidVerts. 500$ ad issue. Only 1 person with 50+ million BAP gets 8$ worth of ads. 

I looked for Play Perfect Money Games in Google for a phrase "online casino". It's outside top 100. I can't say it's impressive.

I see banners. Can't tell that the ads changed much. Essentially, we're advertising ourselves. Maybe I'm stupid, but I'm not paying my own salary in the company I work.

So yes, I don't know where is the money coming from. So does the rest of people that we should attract, but we don't.

Sure, I'm not online. I'm not spending hours daily on the Forum like I used to. I'm not clicking ads like crazy. I'm not putting any more money into it, cause I don't trust it. And now when I'm trying to clarify some things, the CEO himself tells me I know sh*t and he won't answer my question or solve the doubt. Cool.
Traffic Value: $3,121.69912 Chile
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25/07/2020 23:18
Hi @ Bartosh16   here some answers

in results click the day you want to check and you see where the money comes
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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26/07/2020 02:44
And to be even more specific, here's where the majority of the money is coming from:

You say the RP value is underwhelming.  I say the RP value doubled in a day!  If you can find somewhere else I can double my money in a day, please let me know.

I fully expect it to drop back a bit.  Nothing goes up in a straight line, but if you think long term I personally believe you'll be well rewarded.

On the flipside, if you believe you are being scammed, I would suggest you sell everything.  For me, I don't think that's the case.  It was (under Jo's regime), but if Marc and Slosumo were going to scam you, they'd have done it by now.

They stuck around literally for years trying to turn this around and make it a legitimate business.  I don't agree with all their decisions, but I don't doubt their resolve or integrity.
Traffic Value: $13,639.83048 France
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26/07/2020 05:08
Hoppa61 seems to be in the role of regulator and controller of BP and stock prices
Traffic Value: $1,274.48527 Romania
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26/07/2020 05:11
Its a free market xD.The rps are worth how much the people think its worth.I guess today they have a good feeling about our company.Good job guys.
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