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Traffic Value: $433.16796 Romania
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04/06/2021 15:15
To my surprise, I received an email from ''MyTrafficValue'' (FAKE) that my account was blocked. That email advised me to click on a link to unblock it. I found this strange, and logged into my MTV account. Everything was OK. As a result, I don't even want to think what could have happened to me if I clicked on those links.
Be very careful with those emails. Don't click on them.

Here is the link to the image of that email.

Be SAFe!!
Traffic Value: $868.37244 Portugal
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04/06/2021 16:40
Happened to me also.
Traffic Value: $868.37244 Portugal
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05/06/2021 16:27
Now my account really is suspended sad
Traffic Value: $50.28088 India
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06/06/2021 04:32
yes i received a mail on yesterday like that. everyone be careful
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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06/06/2021 08:29
If the emails are coming from and the links are to (or an extension of an url) then these are perfectly legit emails and nothing to worry about.

These emails are usually sent out when someone tries to login to an account and fails a certain number of times, in which cases an account logic is blocked for security purposes.

AFAIK if you are already logged in and just visit the site again then account is automatically unblocked and you won't even notice it.

Still, if you are getting these emails it means someone is trying to login to your account, so you should make sure you have a strong password (or ideally change it), and that you have additional security measures in place, such as 2FA.
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