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Btc value relying on Elon's tweets

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19/05/2021 16:57
It's not that I'm completely getting upset about what he's doing. He's found a great opportunity for easy money, and it's not very difficult to guess what the market is going to do and earn from it, but I'm pretty sure I don't recall something like this since I seriously joined cryptomarket 4 years ago. Not even in the first bubble in 2018.

Bitcoin has suffered a setback in China and the market goes up just because "Master of Coin" tweet.

Maybe I'm missing something here and I'm not able to see beyond it, but even though I earned, I really thought cryptos were meant to be more than a guy's whim.

I just wanted to share my thoughts wink
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20/05/2021 01:07
Its not a guys whim. Its a one of the richest persons buying all the gold and when chip factories are out of gold and gold skyrockets then he goes back and sell his stash slowly  for the profit.

It sucks he chose bitcoin as his flex but again it gives an option for bezos  to join in and try the same and why not using them to our own advantage and earn some money on the go.
Forum - Misc - Btc value relying on Elon's tweets
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