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Add a lot of altcoins as payment

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21/05/2021 19:04
Nowadays we are seeing the boom in cryptocurrencies,yes I know there are some massive crashes going on but the bottom line is they are better than their all time high of 2017 and Etc-Ethereum Classic hit 177 USD an all time high only few days ago,also Doge and few other coins.

So why not add,Ethereum,Ethereum Classic and Dogecoin as payment options.If the team can handle Bitcoin and Litecoin deposits and cashouts surely can handle these others.

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22/05/2021 07:08
i think adding something like Faucetpay would do much better instead of adding more altcoins.
slosumo - Administrator
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22/05/2021 07:12
It's not a matter of being able to handle/implement them, but a matter of cost to implement & upkeep vs potential benefits. To "properly" implement (secured, automated, wallets owned by us) there is significant system admin and programmer work involved, as well as in most cases a separate wallet server required for security purposes.

Adding 10s of cryptocurrencies, that no one has interest to buy ads on our site with, would make no (or negligible) positive difference to our revenues. Actually for the better part of the past few years, cryptocurrencies were mostly used by users to cashout but not deposit/purchase with. Which can actually create additional negative revenue/costs on our side in certain cases where we have to move additional money to operate them, or increased network fees.

EDIT: Indeed what jordy suggests is a lot more sensible, and I think we'll definitely look into this in the near future.
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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22/05/2021 08:49
thnx slosumo, that would be a nice addition i believe. it generates free advertising as well and more then likely a new flow of new users. Those microwallets have a huge amount of faucet and ptc usersĀ 
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