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PV & PTCSHARE Server Issue

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Traffic Value: $32.16982 Colombia
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26/12/2019 22:16
the 502 bad gateway problem persists in pv
Traffic Value: $76.13933 Algeria
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26/12/2019 22:55
i've tried 3 diff bbrowsers nd still couldnt see any captcha on any activation ads
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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27/12/2019 05:16
i believe it would be better to put PV back into maintenance mode untill this attack is over
Traffic Value: $369.09484 Czech Republic
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27/12/2019 06:26
andre158 -  502 Bad Gateway   
26.12.2019 - 5 x BAB - 502 Bad Gateway 
27.12.2019 - 4 x BAB - 502 Bad Gateway 

I'm on Paidverts daily. I understand the problems. No task to complete. Can't send mail to PV. 27.12.2019 07:09:00 CET
Traffic Value: $73.34268 Hungary
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27/12/2019 07:46
I've bought FA for today, and I receive much less visits because of this problem. Will I get a compensation if it won't be fixed today?
Traffic Value: $952.82322 Hungary
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27/12/2019 07:53
It works better with the Google captcha, but still difficult and time consuming.
Traffic Value: $498.40465 Philippines
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27/12/2019 08:35
PV is working better now for me. No more 502. Maybe the attack has stopped.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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27/12/2019 09:03
Indeed, we just resolved something, and 502s seems to be basically completely gone. We're still under attack, so it doesn't seem it was directly affected, but possibly the issues just had a long tail that needed to be cut.
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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27/12/2019 10:32
Do not know why some people are mad when revenues do not come or are lower.... When system works, all is IN GENERAL fine. So do not see reason to panic or do problems.

I dont care cents or dollars, revenue is revenue and sustainibility of system is key, so when sites are here, we are all fine. But honestly why would someone anyway want to work on hollidays? So honestly this situation did nothing bad in terms of clicking, cause honestly, none OF US, should actually work for hollidays.

We all should relax and have fun, and based on that I am sorry such things happened to guys in here who maintain sites for all of us. We should show more respect if you ask me.

Its sad if such issue was caused by external people aka possible hackers, cause to some people nothing is holly........ Never understood such people. Dont know why some people make bad road as their main road, no dignity in that. What for a weird pleasure has to be in someones soul to have fun in that.

Anyway, hope those things will stop, in general, in whole world, cause seriously I dont understand it, I am just not like that, maybe I am hard person and complicated one, but I cant understand pleasure of doing bad stuff to other people, hacking or anything else.

Happy hollidays people.
Traffic Value: $350.92093 Bosnia and Herzegowina
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28/12/2019 07:26
Mister DD

Maybe whoever is doing this has a full hat of broken promises and frankly enough of lies so the decided to retaliate with whatever means.

Not all people are like you and me among others.

I was expecting something like this to happen... 
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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28/12/2019 08:56
Can you stop with the nonsense please?
We have gone through years of hardship, only to try and turn this thing into a profitable venture for all.
For years we've given people the opportunity to make money with paidverts, crowdfunding pools, trading RP's, games, referring, contests and more and we keep hearing we somehow delivered you broken promises, when our only promise was that we would do our best to repay the FTQ.
All the rest was never a promise and simply goals we aimed for.

Do the research and check out any other crowdfunded online business in this industry to see their profitability.
Oh right, you can't. We are the only survivors.
Traffic Value: $350.92093 Bosnia and Herzegowina
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29/12/2019 08:06
Maybe it is nonsense for you. but I see people  angry with your actions: 

I will list you few promises you broke:

1. Promise of 18% return on every dollar invested, then you go on to say that PTC wasn't investment.
2. So you go on and say that  ad issue  wont go under 1000 dollars. Woo hoo ad issue is $500.
3. So you say we are doing  great and then you plummet ad issue to unbearable lows. ( ok this is more a lie then a promise. 
4. So you promised to make pv better  but instead  you go and build  a copy of it. You didnt make anything better you just built a wall.

I could go on, some would be broken promises and some would be lies.

And at the end you again show  how disrespectful  you are. 

You never had  respect to answer all my previous posts they have a lot of good questions , all questions asked by people before and you are playing coy with.

Hehe marc you are so ignorant there is many investment web sites that are around still. Ojooo , neobux (they are  lairs too) , clicksense or whatever its called now.  I could go on but i dont want to do the " research". There is program that give $21 to $27  daily  when you are maxed out yes family I`m talking about you angel.
You are tooting your own horn!

No matter what you do zero stays a zero. But zero can do wonders if on the right side.
Traffic Value: $65,453.30658 Sweden
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29/12/2019 11:19
$21 to $27  daily LOL there are zero chance it will survive if it is not external money from real investments !!!

and where do they get those money from christmas tree?, no it comes from new peoples money when there are no new people, money will dry up it's called pyramid scheme and is illegal, % is cashback and there is no return time policy on this site meaning it can take what ever time it takes, if we would promising a return time as many other sites have it would be the same illegal scheme but cashback is not illegal when used right way and should be used for advertising, there are plenty of other sites that use cashback to get people buying clothes, you do not see them having promising returns in one day, there are other sites for investing..

think more than twice how sites are built some saying 500% in two days good luck
Traffic Value: $952.82322 Hungary
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29/12/2019 15:15
Are you seriously comparing PV to NeoBux? And ClixSense never was anything to do with investment, it's not even a PTC site now. I could only mention DFC, but it's also much newer than PV/MTV, like all the other investment sites that I know and still pay.
Traffic Value: $8,440.27731 Romania
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29/12/2019 15:39
Lets stop argueing, is christmas time, we continue next year saying things one to each other. Now is important to solve the issues by tomorrow if posible to have the week we expect in terms of promises... 
Traffic Value: $6,016.01548 United States
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30/12/2019 01:04

Perhaps Traffic Monsoon or Banana Fund would be a better place for you to have put your $70. zipper
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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30/12/2019 11:11
I am only responsible for the things I said, not the things you THINK I said.

Without having to check back on any of my posts I can guarantee you that none of the 4 things you wrote are true or things I said.
Let me explain.

1. We don't make promises of returns.
We offer you the option to share in our revenue, if you put in the work, without any promises of return or time of return.
We can't, because it's up to you to decide how you use your BAP.

2. I said we are now sending the REAL value of ad issues.
This, because ad issues were heavily inflated for over a month, because we distributed tons of cash which we got during the initial phases.
We then slowly tried to lower those ad issues without scaring off clients, (that was the goal) but that didn't work out.
At the time, we could afford $1000 ad issues.
Thereafter, sales dipped further and the REAL amount of cash we could distribute was $500.

No matter how many times people ask for bigger ad issues, if we don't have the cash, we can't inflate anything.
If we would, we are back at the Jo-era and you could be sure these sites would be offline very quickly.

3. We were doing okay, yes.
Between backend issues, unrealistic expectations and facebook killing our facebook pages we lost a ton of valuable traffic.
We also aimed to make PtcShare sustainable instead of having an ever-increasing BAP pool.

As you can see, ptcshare's BAP pool is shrinking since 8 or so weeks, as we aimed for.
This is slowly but surely raising the total ad issue per user.
People are also using our games more, sales are having the same effect as on Paidverts etc etc..
It's not making us much money atm, but we are able to deliver our users a nice, reliable platform, which is what the main intention is.

4. We've spent over a million on Paidverts since I'm here.
A million dollars.
It's the only long-lasting, sustainable PTC in the world (Without selling you rented referrals and other scummy/scammy elements) and somehow you claim we haven't been improving it and just went out there to create a simple copy.
PtcShare is a heavily simplified version of Paidverts, with a completely different mechanism/approach of selling advertising.
It has been proven to still be extremely hard to find advertisers for the site, but it's doing more advertising sales than Paidverts.
It's not a simple copy at all.
We are testing new features on PtcShare and copying all the good parts to Paidverts, as mentioned several times before.
Traffic Value: $511.70205 United Kingdom
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30/12/2019 13:06
PTCShare has been working fine no issues for me but Paidverts is broken for over a week now , keep getting logged out every couple of ads really need to get this resolved asap if you intend to do a big ad issue.
Now I can't even get into Paidverts to many login attempts.
Traffic Value: $579.09797 France
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30/12/2019 14:20

I have the same issue as boyakasha.
Is this a known issue? 

thanks for your hard work smile
Traffic Value: $4,008.85137 Romania
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30/12/2019 16:35
I have the same problem with PV, when I try to view the ads the system kicks me off (logout) and I must login again, please fix this bug because I can lose the ads for the motif they expire; thank you.
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