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02/02/2014 00:48

This is an US-friendly processor and how about adding this processor to MTV list of processors ? Its one of the newer processor and it is growing big time ( I think )
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02/02/2014 01:28
Im sure we can add this one. Just never had much incentive to. As it looks so crappy / a generic script almost. And little demand from users.

It may accept US users... but it won't have any actual legal standing to do so. So it'll be a time bomb like all the others.

Once PaidVerts is online; we'll add it.
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02/02/2014 16:16
They do have 1 FinCEN license (in Nevada); and from what I've read in various interviews they've done with monitors, they're convinced that is enough to operate in all 50 states... (which it isn't; they need like 45 more licenses xD).
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