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Payment proofs

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16/04/2014 00:13

A video of all the payment proofs. Well, one video per month.

a slide show of payment proofs. Maybe 2 seconds per slide.

Does this sound like an Idea?

Send a screenshot to
To make my job easier, (if you can) blur out your email and/or username.
Otherwise I will have to do it on my own.

This is a experimental idea. So we will see the success rate.

I will keep you up to date.
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16/04/2014 08:24
I'll sketch up the payment proofs page concept today. It'll be real simple, just taking all the cashouts already listed on our portfolio and displaying them on PV. With an option for users to upload a screenshot of the corresponding payment in return for BAP.

And then we'll let users filter the cashouts display - via Value / Whether or not a screenshot is available.
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