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Paidverts ClickGird Not working

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05/05/2024 01:04
Paidverts ClickGird Not working since yesterday plz fix the issue. question
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07/05/2024 08:19
Is anyone working on a fix?
slosumo - Administrator
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07/05/2024 08:38
We're looking and investigating this (And many other issues), but it'll unfortunately take time due to us not being full-time available and have a ton of other work responsibilities, and due to the complexity of the issue:

What happened was that for some reason our full redis database was cleared (this is used for I/O ops and storing things like stats). Data is also stored in a regular database, but it's not straightforward to recover all of that redis data from it - not only can it be extremely complex but also time consuming.

Long story short, we're working on this, but currently don't have any exact ETA when all things will be back to normal - certain things might unfortunately take days, and there might be a few specifics that we won't be able to 100% recover - but they're usually just stats.

Once we make some progress and we have a better idea how long things will take, we'll make a proper update.
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