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Free banners tool and downline builder idea

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19/11/2019 17:54
My idea is for MTV to build a simple and cheap (I think) free to join site for members to show any of their banners of their choosing similar to CashInOnBanners and Vtrafficrush.  It would also act as a downline builder for MTV products as well as a promoter even if the member only uses the free banner tool and doesn't join any MTV programs(details later).   So how it works is on the top heading of the main front page it would say "MyTrafficValue Presents...Your Banners on Thousands of Pages Just Like This One...For FREE!" directly beneath would be 6 or so banners, vertically stacked and centered.  The first banner on top would belong to this first member.  Then, as his/her referrals join and promote the site this first members banners would also appear in second place on their referrals' page.  Then below those banners, upgraded members banners would rotate.  There would be a small optional upgrade to split between MTV and banner site member.   Ok, when members enter inside the site there will be a login page (MTV revstream).  Once inside, members can fill their banner urls and upgrade if they want,  but also there will be a list of MTV sites to join if they wish.  They enter their referral links so that those who join this banner site beneath them also join-follow them in the other programs.  If their referrals do not join the MTV sites yet still promote the site as just a free banner tool, then those blank referral link spots will be filled next in the downline--the signups and commissions will go completely to MTV sites.  Also, while inside the site the members will be educated about MTV products--'did you know?', pop ups, etc.  There would be a secondary section of the downline builder-- referral link spots to be filled for traffic exchanges, mailers, other money making sites, etc,  Again as above,  if the member does not fill in their referral link(s) then their referrals who join under those links will join under MTV or admins and admins will use all the money and credits earned from these programs to promote MTV products and/or contribute to ad issues.  We could leave these secondary site links open for all to refer with open referral link spots OR? only have the first 2 of each type open and lock up the others (for pure MTV/admin signups) unless they upgrade in the banner site.  Another revstream could be selling banner spots inside(not front page) the site. Also, perhaps have two sites--one with pure gambling links and one without.
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