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Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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29/01/2014 14:32
We need to populate our FAQ.

Please reply to this thread, with ONE question and answer you think we should add (per post):

We'll pay $0.25 for a really simple Q&A.
And $1.00 for a meaty one! That explains something important / in a bit of depth.

Your answers need to be word perfect. Otherwise i'll just delete the post.

Only one Q&A per post!
Traffic Value: $129,814.08188 Pakistan
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29/01/2014 18:55
Dear Jo,

can you explain us about the three new investment PLAN? if i upgrade 14 day access so its mean our investment will be fully paid after 14 days or what??
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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29/01/2014 19:00
The upgrade doesn't pay any return on investment.

You pay $100 just to ACCESS the 250% plan for 14days.... Where you can make up to 14x $100 investments (1 per day max)

And only those investments will earn.
Traffic Value: $83,353.00715 Netherlands
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30/01/2014 09:16
My suggestion: combine the two investment plan FAQ's.


Old answers updated, some new questions and answers added.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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30/01/2014 13:45
That's good.
I'm just checking with Brian about something; and i'd like to give you access to our FAQ editor so you can build the FAQ however you deem best (it's real easy; like forum posting). And we'll pay you $1 for every question you populate that with.

As I think with direct access; you can do it exactly how you like. And there are various tools for adding images etc. So you can make it real nice.

I'll get back to you.
Traffic Value: $3,542.64898 Lithuania
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31/01/2014 07:38
So with, 250% plan upgrade I can invest 14x100 per day, and 14 day in a raw? It's means 14x100x14=19600$ in total?
When 14days limit will end, should I upgrade for the next 14days, that my investments by able to earn?
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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31/01/2014 08:17
No d2b. With one 100$ upgrade you can invest a max of 1400$ total = 100$ each day, for the next 14 days. Then you have to upgrade your account again to unlock another 14 days of investing.
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