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Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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29/11/2018 00:54
How's about this for an idea.

Every day at the same time we have a lottery of all active Paidverts members. MTV put up (let's say) $20 per day. It costs nothing to enter.

Every active member - big or small - has an equal chance of winning. You don't have to have lots of BAPs or RPs, but...if you're logged in and watching the lottery live you chances of winning are doubled.

I'm thinking of some sort of graphic in the centre of the screen (spinning wheel or slots etc.) but round the outside of the main lottery graphic there is space for 8 x 125x125 banner images.

Each banner image can be auctioned off as part of our advertising. Auctions start at $2.50 per slot. If all slots are taken at the minimum bid MTV take $20, to cover the cost of the lottery. But...if bids start to go higher than $2.50 (because lots of users start to tune in for the lottery) all extra revenue is added to the daily prize pot.

MTV doesn't earn directly from this at all.

Worst case scenario this costs us $20 x 365 or $7300 per year.

In reality it would never be this because of the increased traffic, default ads could be PPMG, PBG, Warclicks etc. which would gain new users and advertisers would definitely buy some spots.

The negatives.

1. Cost and risk (there is always some in any business) but I believe MTV can already support this, given that we just gave away an extra $1500 in a day in a big ad issue.

2. Programming Time

3. Time Zones i.e. users complaining that they can't watch the lottery as it's while they are sleeping. So...maybe it happens twice a day for a $10 prize with $1.25 auctioned ad slots.

MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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29/11/2018 01:55
Why would we build something and spend money on if it doesn´t generate us a penny?
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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29/11/2018 02:25
That said, I think MTV should think about this and take a cut of it.

Heck, at first if $20 per day seems too much to cover (unless they just cover it with less to the Group Ads) they could lower the min reward/ only give money out if there were advertisers to reward us.

As far as Time Zones go, there are lots of ways to handle this.
Traffic Value: $420.31646 Germany
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29/11/2018 09:03
Nice Idea,
I think this could drive some traffic and create more activity

But yeah Paidverts should get a cut of it, to recover investment spend on programming time and also make some profit.
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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30/11/2018 01:07
Seriously @Marc?

You ask for the support of the community and when people offer it you respond with flippant one line criticisms and then complain that you're not getting the support.  Is it any wonder!

"Why would we build something and spend money on if it doesn't generate us a penny?"

Here's a few reasons:

1. Excitement around the platform (how many websites do you know that give away money with zero catch?)

2. Traffic (and active/engaged traffic at that)

3. Potential of attracting new advertisers (some of which would then try our other advertising options)

4. Advertising of PPMG, PBG, Warclicks as default which would drag some users to those products.

5. Relatively simple to create

I could go on...and I find it pretty disappointing that you could not see any of those benefits.

You've become a guy that just complains that things can't work and doesn't look at what can.  I read your post regarding your personal situation.  I have much sympathy for what you've been going through, but from personal experience, focusing on negatives is not helpful.

I have no problem with you not liking my ideas or those of others, but at least do us the courtesy of giving them some consideration.

Please see this as constructive criticism...I wish you the best.

NB: Going back to the original idea, there is no reason why it couldn't be amended to say MTV puts up the original $20 per day prize but that the first $20 of advertising comes back to the platform and anything over and above gets split between the platform and the prize pool at a rate members think acceptable.  It is just an idea...and I'm sure it could be improved upon.

@druth You mentioned something about solving the time difference issues (apologies I can't see the exact text as I'm typing this).  What were you thinking was possible?
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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30/11/2018 11:37
First of all: No offence taken.
Now let me respond to your points.

While I post about needing stable income to run the site, you come up with an idea which has a list of negatives only and the note "MTV makes nothing from this product".
Obviously that is going to be my aim of criticism.

Usually when I read these ideas I get a better picture of its effectiveness than most of the people in the crowd would be able to get, due to perspective.

We made coinflip evolved, which gave away over $750 per month in BAP, for free.
It never took off.

Offerwall results are declining while there are more offers than ever.

We already made a lottery for Paidverts in the past, which never became popular.

Our banners have been circulating for years and have lost its effectivity.

Our ad issues get criticized for their size all the time, so why would a $20 lottery cause any hype?


This is not a negative perspective, it´s realistic.
Paidverts is a hard product to run, but due to experience and constant innovation, we are making it work.
We are open to suggestions, but are looking to increase our own results in order to grow.
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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30/11/2018 13:09
Well, I'm still promoting my "potluck" idea or whatever way you'd call it. smile

Example: Set a pool of 10$ reward and everyone could participate with buying tickets. A ticket would cost ie. 1$, half of it would go to the pot additionally, and half would go to MTV/PV. It would only take 20 plays to break even and chances of winning would still be legit. At the end of each day a winning would be picked (or winning tickets, if there were additional pots).

I still believe it could be a win-win simple game, without the "lose it all" undetone of casino games. You could install separate instances of it on all our websites, and maybe add a game that would connect them all, a "grand potluck" prize.

But even if it wouldn't be made as a monetary game, I think it could be made for PaidVerts at least - there's A LOT of BAP to be spent there.

Shouldn't be too much of a programming hassle aswell, I think. I'd really like to see this one fly smile

Edit: In contrast to @fraser's idea (not that I'm criticising it), if his might cost us $7300 a year, this one just might at least make $7300 a year wink
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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30/11/2018 14:21
Well, if you're open for suggestions.

I think there are 2 things important for PV/MTV at this moment.
1 We need more money in the MTV/PV system, so that customers can spend more on our products.
2 PV needs to burn more BAP then they give out. We need a BAP-burner for that.

1. How do we get more money in the system. Where do people keep their money? Yes, in the bank. But also on exchanges. Get in an alliance with an exchange or build your own. And make sure that with that balance they have access to MTV products.
Downside on this is probably regulations necessary for an exhange.
But we are a big community, there must be other ideas to get money in.

2. I still believe that a dice game, like Rambo-dice on faucethub, will be a great success , that will outperform coin-dice. The positive for MTV will be that the variance will be very low. People usually make a lot of bets (automatically), making variance lower For the customer it is interesting, because they can make bets that won't only double their bets, like coin dice. But will multiply it much more. I really believe this can be a big BAP burner.
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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30/11/2018 16:04
we already have coinflip and we have the ability aready to run contests. Maybe a daily or weekly  contest would get us more bap turned around in coinflip which hopefully returns into a better bap reduction.

This shouldnt take to much programming work.
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