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Traffic Value: $501.70676 Philippines
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16/12/2020 03:22
I am thinking of another product for paidverts and ptcshare to solve the problem of not being able to view ads because of power outages. An insurance.

The idea is that anyone who wants to avail of the insurance will pay a nominal amount, which will be good for one month. If an emergency doesnt happen, then it will be straight income for the company.

If an emergency happens during the time that the insurance is active, the value of the BAP ads that has expired will be reverted back to the BAP balance. Meaning no BAP lost for expired ads.

There can be limits on how much BAP loss will be covered so it will not be abused by members intentionally missing viewing ads.

Or another idea is that for each ad that expired, only a percentage of the BAP vaue will be reverted back to the BAP balance.

All in all, the idea is that the company will have another income source while members will not lose all BAP when emergency happens.

Of course, I have not taken into account the programming cost vs revenue benefit. Just something to think about.
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16/12/2020 04:47
I think verifying that something happened would be difficult in many cases.
Traffic Value: $501.70676 Philippines
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16/12/2020 05:47
Yes it would be difficult. The idea is that there is no need to verify. As long as they paid the fee, each expired ad will bring back a percentage of BAP.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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16/12/2020 09:37
In principle, I'd much rather we request our 5 day a week ads than simply be given them. (Not sure how random/targeted ads would work). This way no BAP loss, unless we order them, and then lose power/ get distracted for 18hours.

Baring that, I wonder what kind of fee one could be willing to pay to cover "tragedy". I imagine it depends on how often one loses internet access.

I did a post and if my math was correct, my power was out for 8 days, 6 of which were group ad days. That would take 25 days to recover. Meaning, since I never had my internet out long enough that I missed an ad all these years, I wouldn't want to spend much of anything per month. It really stinks to lose 6 days of ads, but what's it been 6 years?

At the current ad rate, I lost 12K and 29K across 72 months.
I've lost some just due to my tiredness and not doing my ads after work and falling asleep.

Just to break even, under 167 and 403 BAP per month.
Which at those 2 sites is under $0.08 and $0.25 per month it should cost me in insurance, to break even. OFC real world might mean more bad days in the future. could also mean better days.

And, ofc, as Ad Issues grow, so should the insurance rate go as well.

All this is to say, we can't have highly individual insurance unless we could redeem unused insurance at some point in time. But, then it wouldn't be a revenue source.

If we sort of specialized it:
1. Month 1 just charge a small fee, say 1%.
2. Month 2 after a month of "claims". Figure out how much that cost the site to refund in full, put an admin fee ontop of that.
3. Come up with a fee to charge based on how much the site needs that will be covered based on a sliding scale for BAP Group and based on if you are at risk (i.e. you made a claim).
4. Keep an eye on it, but at some point, as long as it's % based on Group ad size, only reason to change it is if too many opt out (or in) and you are getting way too little to cover or way too much.

This is how Insurance works in the real world, and most of the time there is no choice but to have it (or face huge fines if you don't and get caught not having it). You personally may never use it, or at least not enough to cover the cost, but if you have an issue you are covered. OFC in the real world there are deductibles and you are only covered for so much etc etc.

All in all, until ad issues grow, Insurance just won't cover the costs to create it.
If anything, go with the request option, and in that way you also open the site up to new members who can't deal with dailyness of it all.
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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16/12/2020 19:01
there is just not enough members facing those kind of problems . i dont think its worth it to even spend the coding time on it. 

Its a risk you take when joining this site and also part of the business model.

i can only say once again. deal with it smile
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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17/12/2020 04:37
"there is just not enough members facing those kind of problems"

Are you sure there aren't plenty who are silent and/or don't realize and/or don't join simply b/c of the possibility?

To get bigger advertisers we need a huge membership base.

We are shooting ourselves in the foot by "part of the business model".

I always thought BAP maintenance fee was part of the model but simply removing BAP b/c one joined and out of their control couldn't do ads in time seems like you are mistreating your members.
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