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I am back to the future

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Traffic Value: $1,138.94861 Pakistan
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16/05/2020 00:01
Don't freak out please. I was here in 2017. I almost spent hours and hours sitting here. I knew everything. I wrote blogs on the strategies. I wrote tutorials. I invited lots of friends. Then things got changed and I left. tongue laugh

Today i have got in again. rolleyes

Annndddd, I have 100% completely forgotten everything.


How it works. What's the market value ?

I have 5000 RPs.

How much it is now ? Tell me this for now please.

How to proceed now ? I need a fresh start. I know i have to spend some days to get it all. For now, where am i ? Where to go ? grin

Sincere cooperation will be highly appreciated.
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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16/05/2020 00:31
Your RPs are worth what someone will pay for them, which today is 0.0005 per RP or $2.50

Click here to see for yourself:
Traffic Value: $283.24108 Philippines
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16/05/2020 04:53
If you are into Paidverts, you can sell your 5000 rps for 4 or 5 baps each.

4×5000 = 20,000 baps

That will get you to group level 2. You can work your way up from there by clicking ads and completing surveys.
Traffic Value: $0.165 India
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16/05/2020 17:55
You better leave forever unless you want to donate all your money to through SWAP
Traffic Value: $0.165 India
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16/05/2020 20:08
Sell all your f**k*ng shares & withdraw all your cash INSTANTLY from mytrafficvalue. Or else later you will regret a lot for sure (100 to the power of 100%) 
Traffic Value: $5,893.23193 Slovenia
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16/05/2020 20:28
NuclearBomb, in my country we have a saying: leave them, because they do not know what they are talking about. In this case it suits you perfectly.

And with traffic value of 16 cents, you are not exactly competent to give such an advice.
That only shows that you don't know how to earn with this platform.
Traffic Value: $0.165 India
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16/05/2020 20:34

Have you observed that almost all the users who were in mytrafficvalue in 2017 left. Only a few thieves who shared the stolen money from swaps are still here trying to steal money again & again from innocent people by saying cock and bull stories. 
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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17/05/2020 11:37
For those not in the know: All the likes on Nuclear´s posts were multi-accounts and are now banned.
Feel free to check for yourself in the royalty position holders-panel.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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17/05/2020 18:42
They all liked in the exact same order grin
Traffic Value: $1,138.94861 Pakistan
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17/05/2020 19:45
Thanks for the replies.

Especially @fraser and @richiem who told me what to do next.

Let me spend some more time here to know   things better.

(Yes @richiem. I actually started with Paidverts. Leter i moved to MTV).
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