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Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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12/11/2015 21:31
No matter what, don't have cash in your account, even if it's less than an ad pack, but more than 1 RP.

Best long term bet is to buy as many RP as possible.
Another option is to buy Ad Packs and with that BAP, later on, if the BAP value crashes, and you don't like the current Daily Ad Issues (post swap esp), you can sell for RP then.

You can even go back and forth with BAP vs RP and RP vs Cash (daytrade) fee is 1% (basically nothing, just you might be caught in the wrong position, so be ok with buying ad packs with the cash if RP goes up, while you have cash waiting for it to go lower or if dealing with BAP, be ok with having BAP if it goes up instead.)
Traffic Value: $944.5882 Czech Republic
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12/11/2015 21:36
"$33.000/month for the polish office -$15.000,- (Currently we're working with 3 programmers less until we regain a nice figure of development funds)"Can after all some optimization is necessary?Training in programming - about $3000 in 12 - 18 months in commercial academy from anyone... it is simple for information... You to them lease a penthouse? - this curiosity...P.S. Marc Thanks for the report.
Traffic Value: $282.90183 Canada
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13/11/2015 05:12
I'm a PV User but I also use MTV. And I need clarity in this will my balance converted to BAP'S on th 16th of november or is it just for MTV users only. As I read here its for only MTV users but in paidverts facebook page it's written that PV balance will also be converted to BAP. Please clarify ASAP. Thanks
Traffic Value: $177.02241 Indonesia
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13/11/2015 07:36
i have shares on my pv balance, bitcoin n mtv, most of them are on pv balance, will they be swapped to bap, or it will be transferred to be mtv shares instead?
and how this swap will work, will my mtv balance swapped to BAP at 2000BAP/$1 or it will be swapped to shares at $0,01/shares?
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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13/11/2015 07:46
Any RP's marked as PV will be marked MTV.
BitCoin will still be marked BitCoin.

As far as cashing out BitCoin at PV, they will have a separate program that detects just how much you are eligible for each processor and will only allow that much, for the 24hr max PV cashout system.
Traffic Value: $276.32743 Netherlands
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13/11/2015 08:01

Good that you're being honest and give us information about the current state of MTV. There is just one line in your post that confused me: "We'll leave the last 2 groups and put them in front of the new row."

Do you mean the last two rounds that are at the front queue? (round 65 & 66)
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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13/11/2015 08:17
No the last 2 meaning the ones that were just very recently had investors.

Wouldn't be much of a swap if left $1mil in the FTQ as debt....when we desp need ppl to invest so our dev funds can pay our staff.
Traffic Value: $318.99 Slovenia
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13/11/2015 09:54
I did read all the admin posts but I don't have time to read it all... so I would be realy greatfull if someone can write down only basic facts about that swap that will happend.

What will be changed for what...

- money rom balances go to what RPs or BAPs?
- what happen with RPs that we owe?

Traffic Value: $169.03014 Brazil
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13/11/2015 10:06
@afnyka If you have ever invested (Ftq/buy RPs), your balance will be converted at 0.1$/RP, if not, it will be converted in baps : 1$/2000 BAPs.
About RPs you own, they stay untouched, they cant swap RPs for RPs tongue
Agency - Administrator
Traffic Value: $782.10887 Venezuela
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13/11/2015 10:20
- Due some wrongdoings from previous admin, the hacked attempt and Paypal freezing our account, we have some liquidity problems. That means we will do a debt swap of balances.
- Cashouts were cancelled, and are disabled until Debt Swap, on 16/11. After the 1st of December, cashouts will be done under 24hrs in PV. And under 14 days on MTV.
- Deposits are disabled from now for 7 days, until debt swap is done, but you can purchase Bulk Ads all this time.
The debt swap will mean this:
- Your amount of BAPS will remain untouched.
- The FTQ investments will be exchanged for RPs, at a rate of 10 RPs for every $1 that you should receive.
- All your cash balances will be exchanged for BAP or for RPs (depending if you used MTV before or not). The exchange rate will be 10 RPs or 2000 BAPS for each dollar you have in balance. (Again, depending if you used MTV before or not)

Our recommendation is that you spend your balance, either in RPs or purchasing Bulk Ads, to get the most of this.
Traffic Value: $90.04848 Nigeria
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13/11/2015 12:34
O my God, i am very dissatisfied with this swap. I received an email on the 13th this November that both PV and MTV balances will be swapped. I am new to PV and now this is what i get. For God sake I am an orphan and need help, the little i have and invested is now been swapped, i don't understand. somebody help me, what does this mean?
Agency - Administrator
Traffic Value: $782.10887 Venezuela
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13/11/2015 12:46
Read the post above yours...
Traffic Value: $5,893.23193 Slovenia
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13/11/2015 13:13

Buy BAP (bulk ads) with all the money you have. At the moment you don't have $1.05, but I think you will accumulate $1.05 till sunday. With the rest of the money (under $1.05) buy RP.
Traffic Value: $11.00967 India
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13/11/2015 15:09
I wanted to invest Rs. 6000 i.e $ 100. If I invest this in how many days will I get it back. Because I am doing this without the knowledge of my parents, and I am borrowing from my friend. And I have to return to him wright. So please give me an estimation.
I know this might be silly question to you guys, but Rs. 6000 is a heavy amount to us.
Sorry if I am wrong.

And regarding to this swap... what to do if I have less than $1.05.... presently I have $0.16.....
Some told to buy RP's. How to do that please help to purchase RP's.

Traffic Value: $404.66435 Spain
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13/11/2015 15:22
dont invest what you can't afford to lose
Traffic Value: $4,007.84228 Netherlands
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13/11/2015 15:35

Don't invest borrowed money ever and certainly
don't borrow money behind your parents back, because they may end up 
paying for you. smile 

Only invest what you can afford to loose and don't get blinded by greed and advertising propaganda.
To invest in RP here is very longterm, so you will not get your 100$ back soon. 
Besides that price may fall to 0,01 cents after the swap again. So you will loose
money right away buying now.  

It is best for you to stay in PV alone and try 
to make money by clicking ads, as well as use other sites
doing that. 
Once you have collected about free 50$  then you
can think about to invest it. 

Traffic Value: $2.22898 Bangladesh
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13/11/2015 15:35
any one help me ??i am new mamber in paidvert after 10 days i was earn 1.59068$ but i earn more or per day earn minimum 10$.please help me
Traffic Value: $32,608.39303 Germany
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13/11/2015 15:39
jitu121: to earn more you need to reinvest your earnings. Buy ad packs. With more BAP you'll get more and higher ads -- earn more.

 kaushik888: refer your friend so you earn if he invests and it's his risk and you are not risking your friendship just for some dollars.
Traffic Value: $389.75802 France
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13/11/2015 17:47
If that's the last time it has practically lost everything, I do not see the point of staying on your site ... I lost almost $ 100 with your ways of doing !! I'm here to win not to lose !!!!
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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13/11/2015 20:43
Actually I suggest investing that $100 into the 115% FTQ, then when it matures, probably invest it and the extra $15 some point you can withdraw your $100, and at some point you can buy your BAP/RP.

Post swap the FTQ will be the most clear profit maker.

Now, I refuse to sell my RP for 15%, but I'm a long term investor, so I'll deal with a long 1c sell queue again if that's the case.

Also, From Mon to Fri the same $6000 has dropped by about half per member...well I really focused on the 6mil, but I see sig drops elsewhere.
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