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9th Nov - Daily News

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Traffic Value: $455.43947 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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11/11/2015 17:44
Many people believe that the price of the shares will be directly $0.10 after the swap. there's a very good chance that won't happen. 
you can see people ask "how will my $10 FTQ investment be swapped into my account?"
answer: "don't worry you won't just get 100 royal positions for $10, you'll get 172 for $17.20"
the reply: "yay! alright! that's great! swap will be awesome"

ahem... let's first focus on the fact that you'll get 172 royalty positions...and then how much money you'll actually get out of them. how much has yet to be determined when selling those shares on the marketplace after the swap. in the best of scenarios, and we all certainly pray for that one, the price would be $0.10 or more. I wouldn't hold my breath though
Traffic Value: $6.57852 Colombia
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11/11/2015 17:48
I do not want to convert 21.000 Baps in clicks of 0.001 and 0.0005 
Traffic Value: $209.53846 Italy
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11/11/2015 17:56
@ tendermaxter

Next monday there will be the swap, if us like or not.
So, if monday you will have 6$ in your balance, they will be converted in 12000 BAPs.
If you spend that money to buy Bulk Ads, you will obtain more BAPs, it's simple.

In any case, Monday your balance will be 0.00$, exactly as the ones of all users.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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11/11/2015 18:03

I'm talking through ads you would need to have to recycle 15-30K+ for the recycle to make sense if you want to block the lowest 2 value ads. (spending $10 could have been 29,500 BAP you recycle, so to profit off that you need to normally block that much going forward.)

OFC most of the time, you will get ads of other values, mainly based on BAP Group (save the Micro Ad Pack which won't filter those ads)
Traffic Value: $288.23292 Malaysia
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11/11/2015 18:12
I'm disappointed with Marc decision ... SWAP ? ... After SWAP my fast track investment few month ago now what ? ...  I wonder why this people never learn the mistake from past ? .... I think 10 years old Boy can think smarter how to manage money compared with your all ... my big question is WHERE IS ALL MONEY GONE ? ....
Traffic Value: $1,981.5466 Pakistan
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11/11/2015 19:25
We have shares from your last swap....

what happens to them in this current swap?

do our shares got touch or only balances are converting into BAPS????

what will be most probable share price after 16/11?
Traffic Value: $6.57852 Colombia
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11/11/2015 19:27
Fogwalker, druth8x thanks for response. 
Traffic Value: $106.61741 Ireland
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11/11/2015 21:57

   Is it fine to invest on paidverts. I was about to invest 200 dollars. Hey guys do you think it is safe to continue investing or do I need to wait till the swap???

Please respond guys

Traffic Value: $3,117.03585 Slovenia
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11/11/2015 22:00
@anandluke it's completely safe to invest in PV at this moment and for atleast 6 months, as BAP will be untouched in this swap, and ads will be bigger after swap, as many people will invest their balances to PV!
Traffic Value: $27.08253 Guatemala
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12/11/2015 00:59
Actually I do not think the way to approach the problem because they are not payments realizen managers PTC if not we ourselves do with the purchase of packages and advertisements but I to liked the way it works in this PTC and I will continue until we close and I hope someday solve this problem and to reward my loyalty with you Let me KEEP WORKING IS wHAT WE KNOW BETTER tHAN WE DO WORKERS
Traffic Value: $25.13433 India
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12/11/2015 03:19
I have $13 in paypal and $3 in PV . My Traffic Value Royalty Positions is 75. 
All balance means what? Paypal,MTV,PV,payza .....etc  
After swap,all money convert in RP??
what should i do? Purchase ads bulk or buy shares ? 
Explain me please. 
Traffic Value: $960.97608 United States
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12/11/2015 03:21
just spend your balances on rp or bap by sunday night, server time
Traffic Value: $48.23414 India
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12/11/2015 13:16
i am clicking ads since 14 months till now i haven't earned anything whenever i have some bap they would get swapped as shares and now how could you swap balances.If i would have knew that earlier i would have atleast let them be as shares how could you justify this.How you people are not concerned about our balances
Traffic Value: $250.6889 Morocco
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12/11/2015 13:25

its simple use your brain u make profit 

dont let your money in your balance and come later crying about swap
Traffic Value: $11.00967 India
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12/11/2015 13:31
What is that RP's? Please explain
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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12/11/2015 14:33
RP are Royalty Positions. You earn dividends from them weekly.

You can buy them here:
Traffic Value: $48.23414 India
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12/11/2015 16:02
i know buying and selling i didn't enter to make profits here in PV, but i just wanted to earn. If i was capable of investing money i have some better plans than MTV which cannot guarantee money returns, thats why it always put a nice name of BAP swap DEBT swap and loot on people money who work hard clicking thousands of ads to just earn few pennies 
Traffic Value: $683.06885 India
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12/11/2015 16:22
Is there any loss because of this debt swap to members? And I am getting a hint that this activity provides some kind of oppurtunity, How do I utilize it? I am new.
Traffic Value: $30.44109 Kazakhstan
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12/11/2015 16:26
dear all, regarding issue it is not only Paidverts who struggle from big money politic games. It is worldwide spread and touched many other companies. The details can be tracked from this Weekly Geo-Political review site . Many people who have million USD in bank account are also can not get cash from banks. Instead they got only confirmation letter from banks. It will not be solved - you will just loose your self in the bureaucracy of legal treats.

You are the first site (person) who officially confirmed cash out problems about PayPal. Others afraid to do so and it is used by PayPal account to further manipulate customers. If Admins of PaidVerts make official announcement and investigate other rich customers of PayPal about money troubles - you will be surprised how many users are lost their money not able to cash them out. Better use other payment processors online.

Me personally trust to admins of paidverts and in case of another next swap any way will be investing to this site. And other sites like this too. Not big money ofcourse but any way. The only way to peoples like us to be financially free is to trust each other.
Traffic Value: $11.00967 India
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12/11/2015 18:49
Since I am new to this....... I don't know any tricks to make profit or better money..... If someone willing to share It will be very very thankful.
How to make benefit using this swap
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