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14/11/2018 17:00

All of us at TrueMine believe, together you and we have the power to change the future of digital currencies!

We believe everyone should have access to the benefits and adventures offered by cloud mining and technically cryptocurrency mining is possible for anyone. Miners with underpowered setups end up spending more than the income generated. Reason being; expensive hardware, high-cost electricity, maintenance and security along with issues such as hardware failure, network disconnections, price crashes among others.

To make mining truly accessible and profitable for one and all, we have come up with a technically-sound and secured mining solution. Our cutting-edge technology and large scale industrial data centers take away the challenges associated with cryptocurrency mining.

I personally feel its a good time to invest in this and you can cashout daily.

NOTE: Its not a quick cash get rich scheme but it does provides you income so always apply the formula. ""invest only that you can afford to loose""

If you have any questions feel free to ask me.


1-> 0.4% hourly profit for 1 Year
Here Investment can range from 0.002 BTC to .5BTC

2-> 0.45% hourly profit for 1 Year
Here Investment can range from 0.5 BTC to 1.4BTC

3-> 0.5% hourly profit for 1 Year
Here Investment can range from 1.4BTC to unlimited

I would avoid large number of BTC well just because never put too much in one basket (if again the above mentioned rule you are following then invest as much as you can )

Any questions just let me know smile cool grin cool grin cool grin
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15/11/2018 11:07
The problem is that these "cutting edge datacentres" which are obviously located on Mars, are too far for the mining profits to reach the pockets of it's investors, so I will pass on this opportunity wink
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18/11/2018 09:08
Well its not always the case. And hence my suggestion  two times in the thread. Only invest the amount you are okay to loose. and you can cashout daily. 

AGAIN here  i ampointing it out again.

"Always invest online which you are okay to loose" It can range different for different people. So choose your personal amount amount and investgrin

I myself have invested hence i am putting it here. But as always i invested that aomunt even if doesnt workout. Then well one more lesson learned smile 
Traffic Value: $4,497.02754 India
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23/11/2018 05:27
Just an update i Cashed out and i am in profit now. The cashout was instant. 

Screenshot of my payment

SO guys hurry up and again invest the amount which you can afford. if it 1 BTC go for it and get your ROI and see the profits smile
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