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Major ad issue upcoming on the 31st of December!

The remainder of this month will be filled with tons of exciting updates, additions and events, leading all the way to a grand finale of the year, which comes with a major ad issue! Prepare accordingly, don´t miss out!

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03/01/2015 23:31
If someone is interested in taking a more active roll managing the monitor, let me know.

If you can grow its revenues, suggest ideas to the programmers to improve it. And get admins + users using it... Then we'll work out a profit-share salary for you.

The monitor is only really lacking a bit of attention, or actually a lot of attention, and every day!

We have a lot of traffic; and the Voting Game is a cool system. But it needs someone to dedicate themselves to operating it, promoting it via active discussion, and developing the monitor a bit further. Adding chatrooms perhaps.

But it needs someones attention... there are websites out there making a fortune from doing the similar things. And they have less traffic, less programming... but they have an active admin / up to date info. That's what we're lacking.
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