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Traffic Value: $301.78816 Denmark
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28/06/2015 12:00
Well yeah, it does not have https, that's true. They do, however, state on their home page, that they have DDoS protection - I must although admit, I have not looked much deeper into that matter.

About the hyips stop paying when you go big, I can't really express myself on this site yet. My biggest deposit so far is $200, so I haven't had any personal experiences with them yet with big deposits, however I haven't heard anyone being scammed by the site yet, and I doubt if not even one person has done a big deposit with them yet in the past.
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28/06/2015 12:15
Well if you care to check the "ALL HYIP" monitors - a simple google search will lead you to it, you will notice that currently there are 11 differens monitor sites claiming that City Build Trade is paying, BUT there are also 6 monitors claiming a problem with payout and even one monitor claiming it has not receive their payment (problem report).
So that would raise my alert as well...
Traffic Value: $301.78816 Denmark
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28/06/2015 12:27
Looking through those different monitoring sites, on the site, where the status is set as not paying, there is not really any information - no people commenting about it, no one confirming it, nothing really. On the sites where it's stated as paying, there are a bunch of comments where people approve, who are happy about the site.

I'm not saying that the people behind the negative sides of the monitors are lying, however I'm just saying the positive ones do look a lot more legit in my eyes. I'd just personally prefer a bit more acknowledgement to the negative monitoring sites and some more information, like their deposit amount, date of deposit, etc. before I choose to take my money out of the site.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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28/06/2015 12:44
I haven't done the research, yet (but neither have I invested), but I don't like that what they claim they invest in (bridges) appears to not be true. That's a red flag for me. I need to know that the money they will pay me is not coming from a Ponzi like element but actual investments. Or, at the very least, they are very good at investing in HYIP and overall have created a big enough buffer that even if they start missing more often they can maintain payments, until their "luck" turns. Though I detest HYIP b/c unless you know full well going in it's a gamble, someone, and lots of someones are loosing out, even if the site has only been open a week or less, it's too high risk and and in many cases an expensive lesson for those that don't think.
Traffic Value: $301.78816 Denmark
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28/06/2015 13:27
Well, I'm not gonna keep on trying to defend the site, haha, you guys can do your research and if you feel like it, make a deposit - all I can say, is that so far, I've only had positive experiences with the site.
Happy earnings, guys, best of luck!
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