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09/04/2017 05:54
Hey guys,

It's Shebin John aka Remedcu. I started this thread just to know who all are in trading, long term holding, etc of not just BTC but other coins as well. Also, some good advice, signals or news anyone can give regarding these coins.

I recently invested a decent amount in cryptocurrency trading. And currently playing with many coins (but always having less than 10 or 10 coins at the most). Right now these are in my portfolio: ETH, DASH, XRP, DOGE, XMR, STEEM, NXS & BTC ofcourse.

Also holding some USD for buying if BTC goes down.

Had DCR till this morning, just sold out for a 15% profit grin

I am using Bittrex, and soon thinking to go to the big ocean (Poloniex) with the other sharks grin

Any advices, experiences (good & bad), thoughts, etc are welcome smile

(I know you should only play with what you are ready to lose grin and thus I don't want to try my hands on Margin Trading as well)
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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09/04/2017 14:08
There's a lot of volatility on crypto markets. It's not easy to make money there.

Good luck.
Traffic Value: $1,337.58071 India
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09/04/2017 14:18
i sold my 50% ltc
Traffic Value: $1,337.58071 India
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09/04/2017 14:35
decent amount means how much rupees
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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09/04/2017 14:41
Actually, shouldn't a lot of volatility be a good thing?

You might not be able to catch all/most waves, but as long as you are patient you will be around at the time the wave is where you need it to be based on your current position.

Isn't there security in knowing, eventually, the price will be at the position I want it to be and to extend further, will again be at the next position?

So, while it's hard to make daily (I don't follow how volatile these are) profit b/c it's hard to guess which way the wave is going in the immediate future, long term, no worries it will go both ways many times over and you can easily find one of those times that fit your current position..
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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09/04/2017 14:43
Also means higher risk and losses.
Traffic Value: $9,256.78261 Slovenia
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09/04/2017 15:28
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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09/04/2017 15:29
Even long term?

I guess if it never goes back to the position you want it to or closes altogether.

I'm not sure you understand what I was saying.

If we pretend that RP's are volatile and a crypto currency.

I bought my latest at 60, but if I knew that the price was volatile, I would have sold some at 75, even if they continued on their way to 95, b/c eventually, they would drop below 75 again, and even if they jumped back up b4 I saw, they will still drop below yet again, at which point I can buy at 40, and then I just have to wait for a not the time they jump back up to sell again, and continue on my profit way.

The only long term risk I see, is if the crypto goes out of business or it's volatility never goes back to your position. AKA in my example, it stays below 40 at above 85 forvever, and I'm on the wrong end of 40 or 75. Though in the meantime, hopefully you've had enough profit that you can get enough stock to trade at the new levels. But that even occurs here, where most of my RP are 1c and 0.6c. I don't give up trading (if I were a trader), I just trade based off the new variance in the market.
Traffic Value: $1,654.17 Spain
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10/04/2017 06:24
Im daytrader here too, made 109% profit  in 2 days, im using poloniex, what are you using?

A lot of people is talking about of "risk" it all depends on how you manage it to reduce your loss (aka risk management).

I think it's more risky investing in hyip's than trading altcoins, indeed you can't get scammed and you returns depend on you and i think trading is funnier and you learn a lot that you can apply on trading on goods, forex, etc.

So, talking about "risk"? risk is investing in hyips, long term you earn more trading if your consistent, learn and practice.
Traffic Value: $1,311.728 India
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15/04/2017 07:07
Well due to the higher volume in Poloniex, I transferred almost all the coins from Bittrex to Poloniex.

Let's see how that will go smile
Traffic Value: $264.40909 Turkey
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15/04/2017 07:23
I recently started lending in Poloniex. Only a small amout to test but making 1 cent per day for almost no work. Might try trading with a larger sum later.
Traffic Value: $1,311.728 India
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16/04/2017 18:51
My recent coins:

Traffic Value: $1,311.728 India
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21/04/2017 12:05
Update grin

First 6 coins are for long term holding
Next 6 coins are for buy & sell

Which all coins do you have? Market is hit, and it is a great time to buy up the alts before it rises again grin
Traffic Value: $6,068.9465 India
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21/04/2017 16:12
the coins in which i have invested:
Synereo Amp

IMO they are the best investments and i hold tons of them tongue  bought at the cheapest rate till now grin

And hello, you are my facebook friend and i also live in delhi smile So cheers! and  Best of luck!!! wink
Traffic Value: $1,311.728 India
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22/04/2017 13:16
For those who holds LTC or want to buy LTC:
Traffic Value: $29,464.72207 Slovenia
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23/04/2017 07:40
remedcu, you ever heard of decred?
Traffic Value: $1,311.728 India
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23/04/2017 08:06
I holded some, but then I sold at the pump.
Traffic Value: $1,311.728 India
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23/04/2017 13:28
The bad side of Trading:

All my coins except LTC and MAID is in negatives.

This is to show the beginners that there is not always good days in Trading.

Now the solution to the above? Diversification.

As you can see, I have about 10+ coins and among them only 2 are doing great. LTC was an obvious one, due to the news. So, what I did was I bought some more LTC before the news showed it's effect in the market.

Also, with some extra BTC, I bought those who are falling. Why? Because it reduces the breakeven point, and helps you to profit much more easier. (Not always a good idea, sometimes all can be lost, so play safe).

Those who didn't understood that, say if I bought an item at $2 then the price dropped to $1, I either need to wait for the price to jump up double, or I can again buy the item at $1, now my break even point is at $1.5

So, using that method, I spread my diversification further.

And even with 80%+ of my portfolio going negative, I am still in a profit of 10.7%

Share your techniques, your experience here smile

P.S. The results are not typical, use your own research.
Traffic Value: $8,897.67057 Italy
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23/04/2017 14:45
hi guys,
i am pretty new to investing world, i started to inform about criptocurrencies and noticed several of them have skyrocketed in last two mounths, can someone tell what is going on and if is a good move investing now in the main ones, as ripple, litecoin ecc.?

Traffic Value: $1,311.728 India
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23/04/2017 15:34
LTC is a good opportunity indeed due to the new improvements going to happen.

XRP is also a good choice as a no. of banks are using that, and I think it's price will be going to rise in long term with more banks adopting it.

But, do your research as well smile
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