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Major ad issue upcoming on the 31st of December!

The remainder of this month will be filled with tons of exciting updates, additions and events, leading all the way to a grand finale of the year, which comes with a major ad issue! Prepare accordingly, don´t miss out!

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29/01/2014 13:05
Paul is building this at the moment. ETA is 2-3weeks.


Play with $0.05 or $0.50
(Separate competitions for each limit)

- 5% of each play goes to the portfolio

- 10% of each play goes to the "Monthly High Score Jackpots" ( 1st=60%, 2nd=25%, 3rd=15% )

- 5% of each play goes to the "Daily High Score" in addition to their regular top 40% prize.

- 80% is divided between the top 40% of scores submitted that day (pays them up to 2x)
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